" Veloce Bike Rental: Veloce open to electric pedal assisted bike rental market.

Veloce open to electric pedal assisted bike rental market.

the smart ebike available for rent

Veloce open to electric pedal assisted bike rental market.

Now is possible rent for your cycling holidays this Smart high end hybrid pedelec bike that combines clever functions with advanced technology and outstanding design.  

A powerful presence every time you pedal it can cover up to 100km power pedal assistance with 1 charge. 

On demand this bike can be equipped with waterproof Ortlieb panniers. 

This bike is available for rent for your cycling holiday in whole Italy and in/between Italy, Austria, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, France and Spain. 

by advanced reservation only
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Afterwards, the smart ebike can be connected to any normal household socket using the charger. Alternatively, you can open the battery lock, take the battery (which weighs just 3 kg or so) out of the frame and charge it separately. A completely empty battery is fully charged after around five hours – when the LED charge indicator on the battery housing changes to green.

The optional smartphone cradle is designed to keep your smartphone secure and accessible, meaning that you can use it to navigate to your destination and even charge it on the go via the USB interface, available also the smart ebike app, with special functions designed for the smart ebike and on demand our Garmin Edge 800 GPS

It is the electric drive that makes a pedelec a pedelec, assisting your muscle power as you pedal. This is made possible by a maintenance-free rear-wheel hub motor that offers four levels in drive mode. Meaning that you can always choose how much assistance you want from the powerful electric motor when pedalling. Or you can select one of the four generator levels and decide to what extent you want to recharge the battery while pedalling or riding downhill.

In this videos is possible watch presentation of Smart ebike product and the test drive. If necessary can change subtitle languages available in English, French, Spanish and Italian. 

Part of text features and pictures contents in this post were taken on Smart ebike official Facebook fanspage.