" Veloce Bike Rental: June 2012

cycling adriatic coast, start and finish in Venice : experience of our customers from South Africa

customers during pick up delivery of bicycles in Venice

our customers before leave to Adriatic coast of Italy (east coast)

High end road bike rental in Inssbruck, Austria. From Innsbruck to Verona by bike.

Today we delivered an high end Bianchi road bike for rent in Innsbruck, Austria. We delivered bikes at Ramada Trevi hotel. Our customer will travel by bike in 3 days, with support of Garmin edge 800 GPS, to Verona for a short cycling vacation.

castles on the road to Innsbruck

cyclists on the road

calling for local cycling competition

bicycle delivery in Innsbruck

Our custmer at the Ramada Trevi hotel in Innsbruck

typical buildings of Innsbruck

buildings on the road

Speck, local food in sud tirol

Makinwurst salami, typical food of sud tirol

typical aromatic bread of sud tyrol

main church in Vipiteno

Giro 2013 stages radio and television interviews, meeting with Luigi de Magistris Mayor of Naples, new cycling path and pedestrian seafront. VELOCE presents new cycling excursions. How much taxi from airport to port of Naples ?

Yesterday was an important day for our company. Gennaro de Concilio (Jerry for foreigh customers and friends) was guest at Radio Club 91 to talk about the Giro 2013 that will starts from Naples.

During the day we was on the road to check work progress of the most bigger cyclingf path of south of Italy. For luch Jerry chose to stop at L.U.I.S.E. in Via Roma (one of main shopping road of the town).

After luch Jerry has met the mayor of Napoli, Mr. Luigi de Magistris which presented new cycling excursions that VELOCE company will launch during next 3 years in the bay of Naples along the pedestrian seafront - #lungomareliberato - and new cycling path, the most bigger of south of Italy. 

In the afternoon Jerry was interviewed for local television by 30Nodi. At the end of the day Jerry has chosen to sleep at the most reliable accommodation partner in Naples, the Casamiranapoli b&b where had a room with Naples bay and Capri seaview.

This morning Jerry returned home in Venice. Ms. Gina - the owner of B&B - arranged transfer to Naples Capodichino airport by taxi. In Naples, when take a taxi, customer can save money. Must ask for a "tariffa comunale". The "Tariffa Comunale" are rates fixed by Municipality. The maximum "tariffa comunale" is 23euro. For example can take a taxi from airport to the port of Napoli for 23euro.

In the airport Jerry stopped at the restaurant and at Carthusia perfumes of Capri, for Jerry the most beautiful essences of Italy.

Jerry and publisher of Radio Club 91 in Naples

Interview about Giro 2013 in Naples at Radio Club 91

new cycling path in Naples

work in progress in Naples to complete cycling path
cycling excursions on the pedestrian seafront - #lungomareliberato

LUISE a typical fast neapolitan food in Via Roma

bicycle racks for municipality workers

Jerry and Mr. Luigi de Magistris, mayor of Naples

waiting for interview at Marina di Stabia touristic port 

Interviewed by 30nodi 

naples gulf landascape from room of Casamiranapoli b&b in Naples

Capri island landascape from room of Casamiranapoli b&b in Naples

fixed rates for taxi in Naples - "tariffa comunale" rates 

restaurant at International airport of Naples

Carthusia perfumes of Capri,  shop at Naples airport

Carthusia perfumes of Capri,  shop at Naples airport

Carthusia perfumes of Capri,  shop at Naples airport

Giro d'Italia 2013 start from Naples

We are happy to communicate that the Giro d'Italia 2013 will start in Naples. Our company believed in this competition and have introduced Municipality to the Rcs Giro organization to start this event from most beautiful city in the world, Naples. We are happy because the start of Giro in Naples come after 50 years. We dedicated our work in memory of our origins, our grandfather Gennaro Cerbone, cyclists in 1928 of the Vèlo Club Naples.
Giro d'Italia 2013 presentation

Giro d'Italia 2013 presentation

Velo Club Napoli - 1928

Message from hawaiian customers

A beautiful message from our customers at the end of high end full carbon road bikes in Montalcino, Chianti - Tuscany.

Cycling holidays in Croatia

Picture from pick up delivery of bikes in Venice Piazzale Roma,close Tronchetto dock where our customers will take ferry boat to Croatia to enjoy self cycling vacation.

Full carbon bikes for rent in Montalcino, Chianti in Siena - Tuscany - Cycling Brunello di Montalcino wine roads

Pictures from pick up delivery of full carbon bikes provided for rent in Montalcino (Chianti in Siena - Tuscany) at Suite d'Artista accommodation.
Bike rental quote requests including discount for advanced reservations to booking@velocerental.com

customers test bikes during pick up delivery

Suite d'artista accommodation in Montalcino

Landscape from Brunello di Montalcino wine roads

cyclists on the road to Montalcino