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Cycling in Tuscany | Full carbon road bike rental in Florence and Cortona

Are you looking for a cycling experience in Tuscany? 

Tuscany is the most beautiful region of Italy where people travels to enjoy classic cycling in Italy with Veloce full carbon road bike rental.

In this post the show the delivery of full carbon road bikes provided for rent at customers accommodations, the Belmond Villa San Michele in Fiesole, close Florence, and at Villa Ugo in Cortona, southern Tuscany.

At this link you can discover more about the cycling experiences enjoyed by our customers in Tuscany. 

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Full carbon road bike rental delivered at Belmond Villa San Michele in Fiesole Tuscany Italy
Full carbon road bike rental delivered at Belmond Villa San Michele in Fiesole

Full carbon road bike rental delivered at Villa Ugo Cortona Tuscany Italy
Full carbon road bike rental delivered at Villa Ugo in Cortona

Full carbon bicycle rental services in Lecce, Salento - Apulia | Cycling in Italy

full carbon road bike ebike e-bike rental rent hire shop lecce salento apulia puglia italy
e-bikes delivered at customers accommodation

full carbon road bike ebike e-bike rental rent hire shop lecce salento apulia puglia italy
our customer enjoy full carbon road bike rental in Salento

Cycling in Apulia: full carbon road bike rental in Lecce, Salento.

Veloce full carbon road bike rental services in Lecce, Salento area of Apulia region of Italy. 

The service is provided by advanced reservation and with delivery and collection at customers accommodations in Puglia region. 

In this post we would share a pair of photos received by our customers in occasion of their self cycling holiday enjoyed in Salento area of Apulia region, southern Italy using our full carbon road bike, touring and e-bike high quality rental services with delivery and collection at accommodations. 

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Cities, museums and cycling itineraries on South France | Riviera and Provence

Cities, museums and cycling itineraries of the French coast

Just a weekend on French Riviera and loves architecture? Visit Marseille.

Marseille is the second largest city of France and on 2013 has become European Capital of Culture. In this occasion many architectural stars worked to improve the look of the city. 

vieux port in marseille norman foster full carbon road bike rental cycling France
Vieux-Port by Norman Foster

Now in town people walk in the Vieux-Port restyled by the pencil of Norman Foster and visit the MuCEM (museum of European and Mediterranean civilization) et la Villa Méditerranée, a place of interaction between the different identities that come from the sea.

A must in this town is  the "Cité Radieuse", a housing complex built by Le Corbusier, become a World Heritage Site Unesco since 2016

seafront in Mentone full carbon road bike rental cycling France
Walking the seafront in Mentone

A long weekend? The French Riviera, from Mentone to Nice by bicycle

The landscapes and the light were the appeal in the Côte d'Azur for many artists of the '900,  a tour on their routes can't disregard the visit of some museums. 

The first stop suggested is at the small town of Mentone close to the Italian border where could visit the museum Musée Jean Cocteu, the work of Rudy Ricciotti who decorated, a few miles further, in Villafranche-sur-Mer, the chapel Saint-Pierre.

We found an interesting blog post about the Museum Jean Cocteau in Mentone at this link.

The lemon is one of the symbols of the city of Menton, where thanks to a very mild Mediterranean climate, many lemon groves bear fruit, and, since 1933, the Lemon Festival takes place in the city, which takes place within the last three weekends of February.

beaches in Nice full carbon road bike rental shop cycling France
our customers enjoy cycling in Nice, French Riviera

It continues with other spaces in Nice: the works of Matisse are on display in the homonymous museum housed in a Genoese villa of the 600. 

On the hills in Nice there is the National Museum Marc Chagall.
At the Place Yves Klein square in Nice there is the MAMAC museum of modern and contemporary art

From Mentone to Nice we suggest to enjoy cycling in Monte Carlo on the streets of F1 Gran Prix

beaches in Monte Carlo Monaco full carbon road bike rental shop cycling France
In Monte Carlo, ready to enjoy self cycling holiday to Barcelona, Spain

One week? Cycling from Aix-en-Provence to Vaison-la-Romaine via Avignone

A charming way to visit Provence is to follow the ancient Roman streets. 

From Aix-en-Provence take the via aurelia and continue to Arles, a UNESCO World Heritage city with its ancient center, Roman and Romanesque monuments and museums such as that of Arles Antique.

Before leave Aix-en-Provence we suggest a break at the “Madeleines de Christophe shop who is close by Place de l'Hôtel de Ville, in the historic town centre of Aix-en-Provence. Made in a traditional way on a daily basis (in Peynier), their "madeleines" are suited to all tastes: plain, lemon, orange, almond, chocolate, rum and even vanilla. 
The shop also sells cannelés, cakes and macaroons!

Madeleine de Christophe things to do in Aix en Provence
Les Madeleines de Christophe in Aix en Provence, France

Continue towards Avignon to visit the palace of the Popes and walk through the alleys of the city, buy a watercolor from one of the street artists and photograph the opera house.

We then go to Nimes, a candidate for UNESCO heritage, to visit Arènes and perhaps attend the historical re-enactment of the Great Roman Games (normally organized at the end of each month of April). In Nimes you can visit the Carré d'Art designed by Norman Foster.

Some other places to visit: the "Pont du Gard", the Roman aqueduct-bridge and the "triumphal arch" in Orange, ending the route to Vaison-la-Romaine with its archaeological sites. 

For those who want you can go back on your way by taking the Via Domizia and enjoy your cycling training at the Luberon, in the heart of Provence.

Several people enjoy French Riviera and Provence regions by bicycle using our high quality bike rental services delivered at accommodations.

bike rental self cycling holiday in Provence South France
Veloce customers enjoy self cycling holiday in Provence, France.

Some people loves to cycle to south direction riding the coast to Monte Carlo, Sanremo finishing their self cycling holiday in Genoa, Italy or vice versa.

Some other people enjoy self cycling holidays traveling to Barcelona, Spain where leaved the bikes at our local partner shops or simply to enjoy self cycling holidays, village by village, discovering the Provence region on South France

Aix en Provence and Nice cities hosts the IronMan challenges on the occasion of which our company provide high end full carbon road bikes and tribike rentals with delivery and collection at athletes accommodations. Can read more about this service at this link 

Best Places in the Dolomites | Easy Cycling Routes

The best places in the Dolomites 

where to enjoy easy cycling routes.

self cycling on Dolomites- easy routes cycling lane in cortina d'ampezzo
The cycling lane in Cortina D'Ampezzo on Dolomites

If you are looking to plan your next cycling activities in Italy in this post you can find some easy routes suggestion on Dolomites mountains. 

If you love bicycle touring this could be an exclusive route you can enjoy during your stay on Dolomites area, starting from Cortina D'Ampezzo, climbing the Passo Tre Croci and stop at the 3 Cime di Lavaredo

easy cycling routes on dolomites full carbon road bike and excursions in Cortina D'Ampezzo
In Cortina D'Ampezzo, ready to start the guided cycling excursion

One of the most charming village of Dolomites is Cortina D'Ampezzo

Cortina could be reached from Venice airport in about 2h driving and is one of the main villages of Dolomites mountain chain, selected to be with Milan the location of 2026 Winter Olympics.

During the season our company provide full carbon road bikes for rent with delivery and collection at customers accommodations, all around Dolomites area, also in different towns/regions. 

Several times during the season we provide daily guided excursions on Dolomites, sometime in occasion of the Giro d'Italia cycling stages with a starting point in Cortina D'Ampezzo village.

best climbs on dolomites
Climbing the Passo Tre Croci to Misurina Lake direction

The route is very scenic, after to climb the Passo Tre Croci a mountain pass crossed by the Giro - the road go down to the Misurina Lake from where is possible stop for a break at the local bar for a coffee from where restart the touring to the 3 Cime di Lavaredo, Unesco heritage site and several time stage of the Giro d'Italia. 

To know more about the Giro can visit our page with which can read all details of the planned stages of this challenge. 

A Veloce forest to offset Co2.

In a bid to offset our CO2, we partnered with our mates at Tree-Nation to support their forestry efforts. 

When you rent a bike from Veloce you are supporting the Veloce's forest: 
Veloce plants a tree every 100€ spent by the customers on bicycle rental services to offset the CO2 emissions produced by the company during the production processes, including the delivery! 

The planted trees are certified by Tree-Nation ONG.

A Veloce little forest will grow as we do.


CO2 emissions contribute to climate change. 
To offset the CO2 emissions trees have a critical job to balance oxygen & CO2 levels. With deforestation across the world more CO2 is released into the atmosphere causing devastating effects on our planet. Rising temperatures contribute to rising sea levels, with warmer ocean temperatures threatening wildlife & leading to extinction. 

We accept our responsibility to work towards offsetting our emissions.

Cycling Phlegraean fields: the Casina Vanvitelliana eighteenth-century romantic building by Luigi & Carlo Vanvitelli

lake fusaro full carbon road bike rental in Naples cycling excursions and tours paths routes things to do
Cycling Phlegraean fields, having a break at the Casina Vanvitelliana on Fusaro lake.

Today we would share with you some details of a stunning place where we suggest to stop to enjoy a break when you are biking the bay of Naples on south Italy: the lake Fusaro and the Casina Vanvitelliana.

The lake Fusaro is located in the municipality of Bacoli and gives its name to the homonymous village that welcomes it. The lake was formed with the closure of the stretch of sea between the hamlets of Torregaveta and Cuma.

In ancient times it was identified with the mythical Acherusia palus, the infernal swamp formed by the river Acheronte.

Before the Greeks, the local populations cultivated mussels and oysters in the lake. The farms of the lake are mentioned in the novel The Count of Montecristo by Alexandre Dumas, when the count serves at the table in his house of Auteuil a lamprey coming directly from Lake Fusaro among the amazement of the diners.

Since 1752 ​the Fusaro land, at the time sparsely inhabited, became the hunting and fishing reserve of the Bourbons, who entrusted Luigi Vanvitelli with the first works for the transformation of this place.

When Ferdinando IV ascended the throne, the interventions were completed by Carlo Vanvitelli, son of Luigi, who in 1782 built the Royal Casino of Hunt, on the lake, a short distance from the shore.

This building, known as Casina Vanvitelliana, was used as the residence of illustrious guests, such as Francis II of Habsburg-Lorraine, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Gioachino Rossini and, more recently Luigi Einaudi, the President of the Italian Republic Luigi Einaudi.

The Casina Vanvitelliana is one of the most refined eighteenth-century buildings of Italy. 
The project have some references to the shape of the Stupinigi hunting lodge, designed a few years earlier by Filippo Juvarra using plastic volumes and large windows.

The building wanted by the Bourbons has in fact a very articulated design, composed by three octagonal bodies that intersect each other at the top of the other, shrinking into a sort of pagoda, with large windows on two levels.

A long wooden pier also connects the Casina Vanvitelliana to the lake shore.

It's time to plan an cycling holiday to Italy, Style Magazine Italia tells about Veloce bike rental services.

style magazine italia cicloturismo bike rental veloce bicicletta vacanze 2020 coronavirus covi-19

Today I want to share with you this article that tells about Veloce Bike Rentals & Experiences published on Style Magazine Italia by Corriere della Sera

This article tells about the chance to discover a sustainable tourism, off the beaten path of classical tourism. 

This post is very precious for us because it crowns 10 years of hard work, millions of miles driven by our logistics, many sacrifices and perhaps a sign of market metamorphosis, a great opportunity for our brand. 

I am grateful to the editorial staff especially to - Alessandro Calascibetta - Style Magazine Italia Editor-in-Chief for the splendid work done in realistically telling this splendid world of bicycle and sustainable tourism, made by such beauty. 

This is the link to read the complete article.  

Now it's official: Giro d'Italia 2020, finally confirmed the new dates. From 3rd to 25th October.

giro italia 2020 dates news
Ph. Credit: Velia Cammarano, a shot of the Giro in Naples

Now it's officialGiro d'Italia 2020 will take place from 3rd to 25th October

In addition, the great classics of Italian cycling will be held during the summer: 

- Strade Bianche: 1st of August - Milan-Sanremo: 8th August- Tirreno-Adriatico: from 7th to 14th September
Lombardy will be held a few days after the Giro on 31 October.
From 20 October to 8 November the Vuelta Espana

No surprise for the Tour de France, already scheduled from 29 August to 20 September, despite the stop to mass events decided by the French government until the end of August, therefore probably with the first days without an audience on the street. 

"The new calendar obeys a logic that offers maximum opportunities for different types of cyclists: alternating stage races and one-day races in August, which will allow cyclists to gradually adapt to the rhythm of the competition after three months of limited activity for some; the events Tour de France, UCI Road World Championships, Giro d'Italia, Ardennes and Flanders; and to close the season, the Vuelta ".

Source: Adnkronos

To discover stages of the 2020 Giro d'Italia can visit the Veloce page dedicated to the Giro challenge

You could be heroes, just for the weekend! Will fly to Florence or Pisa? Self bicycle touring in Tuscany.

cycling italy holiday fly flights to pise ryanair easyjet corona virus covid-19 policy carbon road bike rental in tuscany
Heroes take a photo at the leaning tower in Pisa

Your love for Italy, your love for bicycle could transform you into an heroes like hundreds of people from UK who each season enjoy with us, from spring to late fall, the exclusive bicyle touring  experience in Tuscany, center of Italy. 
A large number of people fly to Florence transforming a city break into a microadventure riding the stunning wine routes of Chianti region

Some other people land in Pisa from where, after a break at the leaning tower, continue a loop experience on the coast riding to south direction to discover the Maremma or to north direction reaching the Versilia, the land of Carrara white marble and large sandy beaches. 

Did you know that Tuscany region is one of most bigger regions of Italy? 
The Tuscany region have 10 provinces: Arezzo, Firenze, Grosseto, Livorno, Lucca, Massa-Carrara, Pisa, Pistoia, Prato and Siena, a large territory characterized by great Italian food, landscapes and beauty. 

Montalcino, an exclusive land of Tuscany where to enjoy cycling, wine and food tasting activities.

full carbon road bike rental in montalcino ebike shop store bicycle hire
our customers enjoy cycling in Montalcino

Since 2009 our company provides high quality rental services delivered at accommodations in Montalcino region of Tuscany - central Italy - where from the first day we perceived that is something magical in this area, all year round. 

The scenery is immense and is characterized by beautiful colors that change from season to season.

The town is located to the west of Pienza, close to the Crete Senesi in Val d'Orcia. It is 42 kilometres (26 mi) from Siena, 110 kilometres (68 mi) from Florence and 150 kilometres (93 mi) from Pisa. Monte Amiata is located nearby.

No busy roads are perfect to ride a bicycle on hills and the charming village with local taverns where to enjoy the exclusive taste of local food & wine are one of most stunning places of Tuscany.

If you are looking for an exclusive accommodation to stay in Tuscany with your family we suggest the Villa Palazzetta managed by Lisa Jane, where in a week you can:

  • Explore Montalcino village
  • Spend a day trip to Siena
  • Enjoy a tour of Brunello vineyards
  • Explore the Val d'Orcia by bike
  • Walk to the nearest Seventh Century Abbey and, of course, 
  • Take a private cooking class.

Can say to Lisa you read about all this from our website, we are friends since long time ago.

On demand Veloce creates customized cycling routes for your daily training activities (in case you are using our full carbon road bike rentals) or some good solutions in case you desire to take a cycling tour for a leisure experience using our hybrid or ebikes rentals.

villa palazzetta exclusive luxury villa for rent in tuscany montalcino chianti wine region italy

villa palazzetta exclusive luxury villa for rent in tuscany montalcino chianti wine region italy

villa palazzetta exclusive luxury villa for rent in tuscany montalcino chianti wine region italy
some photos of the Villa Pallazzetta, exclusive accommodation in Montalcino

Montalcino is known for its Brunello di Montalcino wine. 
During your stay in Montalcino we suggest a wine tasting at L'Aietta, this is one of exclusive things to do in this region you can't miss.

brunello di montalcino red italian wine shop online tuscany
L'Aietta Brunello di Montalcino prestigious Italian red wine

L'Aietta by Mulinari family is one of smaller and exclusive wine producers of this region, this Brunello wine label is very prestigious and periodically is available for a deal at the an Italian strartup company who support small sustainable producers selling finest selection of Italian food & wine with worldwide affordable shipping rates. 
Can read more about their services on our site at this page.

If you need more information send us an email to we will be happy  to share with you our own experience and knowledge of this territory. 

Things to do in Italy when everything will returns to be fine: enjoy a relaxing cycling tour in Salento, Apulia with a break at the Museo del Mare Antico in Nardò.

Salento region of Italy must be the place to enjoy when everything will returns to be fine. 

What's about a coffee break in Nardò village to visit the Museo del Mare Antico

Into the Museum del Mare Antico (museum of the sea) can watch Roman finds from the archeological excavations done under the sea on Nardó's coast. This museum is managed by The Monuments People association in Lecce with which you can plan during your cycling holidays customized cultural experiences, all around Puglia region. 

We promote cycling on this flat region to discover landscapes, enjoy local food and learn the history using our high quality bicycle rental services delivered at your accommodations. 

full carbon road bike rental in lecce cycling salento puglia nardo
Flat routes in Apulia region in Italy

full carbon road bike rental in lecce cycling salento puglia nardo
the old square in Nardò village, Apulia.

museo del mare nardò sea museum in nardo apulia ítaly lecce
Il museo del mare antico in Nardò - sea museum

museo del mare nardò sea museum in nardo apulia ítaly lecce
Il museo del mare antico in Nardò - sea museum

cycling salento apulia italy puglia full carbon road bike rental lecce
cycling in Salento, Apulia region of Italy

The Stelvio pass, where the heart (and legs) are the only passport you carry

cycling stelvio pass italy climb veloce full carbon road bike rental hire rent shop
The Stelvio pass road, usual landscape in May

The Stelvio pass, where the heart (and legs) are the only passport you carry, a place where to enjoy cycling experience with our full carbon road bike rentals delivered in Bormio when everything will returns to be fine. 

Information and bike rental quote requests to 

Self cycling holiday in Italy, cycling magnificent Amalfi coast.

cycling amalfi coast italy full carbon road bike rental in sorrento amalfi maiori minori ravello

In this era of social distances comes to mind this photo shot by a Finnish customer who is contemplating the magnificent Amalfi coast during the self cycling holiday enjoyed in Italy with our company using our high quality bike rental service delivered and collected at their accommodations. 

Information and rental quote requests to plan your next holiday to 
Advanced booking benefits: up to 25% off on rental rates. 

Full carbon road bike rental in Milan, Italy. Ready for the Milano Sanremo self cycling holiday.

Our customers in occasion of the bicycle guided tour enjoyed in Milan with our full carbon road bike provided for rent with delivery at their accommodations. After the tour our customers leaved to Sanremo for a self cycling holidays along the route of the famous Milano - Sanremo Italian challenge. 

Information and quote requests to

cycling milan full carbon road bike rental in milano sanremo italy giro

cycling milan full carbon road bike rental in milano sanremo italy giro

Cycling Maratona dies Dolomites and Giro Italia, carbon road bike rental in Canazei Italy by Veloce

Few photos shot during last season in occasion of the delivery at El Cianton Hotel in Canazei where we provided for rent the Focus Dura Ace full carbon road bikes with which our customers enjoyed the Maratona dles Dolomites.

Information and bike rental quote requests to 

full carbon road bike rental in Canazei Maratona dies Dolomites
Landscape from the ski station in Canazei, Dolomites

full carbon road bike rental in Canazei Maratona dies Dolomites
Delivery of Focus Dura Ace bikes provided for rent in Canazei

full carbon road bike rental in Canazei Maratona dies Dolomites
Giro Italia monument in Canazei

Buy Italian Food & Wine with Squisito! Receive your order at your accommodation, delivered together with your bike rental.

squisito italian food wine shop e-commerce e-shop store e-store NY US USA UK Australia

The Italian Taste in Your Home!

Introducing Squisito! 🇮🇹 

From the experience and knowledge of the Italian territory, Squisito is a new startup Company, a new e-commerce platform to buy the finest selections of local Italian food & wine for less than traditional retailers. 

From small Italian producers, the high quality products delivered worldwide to your home for affordable shipping rates. 

Every week on Squisito you can find new deals from the high quality Italian food & wine. 

A good opportunity to buy high quality Italian food & wine delivered to your home saving money. 
The service is available with worldwide delivery service for affordable rates. 

If you rent a bike from Veloce and want to receive your Squisito order at your accommodation, the Squisito order will be delivered together with your bikes without any additional surcharge, i.e. the Squisito delivery cost is included in you bike delivery fee.

To place a Squisito order to be delivered with your bikes please email to

Can't travel to Italy? 
Squisito delivers the Italian taste to your home! 

Discover more about on

The list of best climbs and cycling routes on Lake Maggiore between Italy and Switzerland.

Lake Maggiore is a large lake located on the south side of the AlpsIt is the second largest lake in Italy and the largest in southern Switzerland.

The lake and its shoreline are divided between the Italian regions of Piedmont and Lombardy and the Swiss canton of Ticino.

Located halfway between Lake Orta and Lake Lugano, Lake Maggiore extends for about 65 kilometres (40 miles) between Locarno and Arona.

The climate is mild in both summer and winter, producing Mediterranean vegetation, with many gardens growing rare and exotic plants. Well-known gardens include those of the Borromean and Brissago Islands, that of the Villa Taranto in Verbania, and the Alpinia Botanical Garden above Stresa.

This lake is one of most stunning places preferred by our customers to enjoy cycling in Milan area, North Italy using our customized bike rental service delivered at accommodations, all around the lake, all year round. 

full carbon road bike rental cycling lake maggiore lugano italy switzerland
Veloce customers ready to enjoy cycling on Lake Maggiore

Around the lake Maggiore (on Switzerland and Italian sides) and Lake Lugano you can find several epic climbs you can enjoy by our bicycle rentals: 

  • PASSO FORCORA CLIMB from Maccagno village via Lake Delio: 13,5 km – 8.4 mi, avg. 7.4%, max. 12%
  • MONTE SETTE TERMINI CLIMB from Grantola: 10.5 km – 6.5 mi, avg. 6%, max. 10%
  • LAKE NARET CLIMB from Bignasco village : 31.2 km – 19.3 mi, avg. 6%, max. 14%
  • ALPE NEGGIA CLIMB from Maccagno or from Vira Gambarogno villages on Lake Maggiore. Alpe Neggia climb from Maccagno: 21.8 km – 13.5 mi, avg. 6.4%, max. 11%. Alpe Neggia climb from Vira Gambarogno: 12.6 km – 7.8 mi, avg. 9.5%, max. 12%
  • PASSO SAN MICHELE CLIMB from Grantola or from Casalzuigno villages : Passo San Michele from Grantola via Mesenzana: 8.5 km – 5.3 mi, avg. 8%, max. 13% or from Casalzuigno: 8.9 km – 5.5 mi, avg. 7%, max. 10%
  • MONTE SIGHIGNOLA CLIMB from Maroggia village on Lake Lugano: 16 km – 9.9 mi, avg. 6.5, max. 14%
  • MONTE CAMPO DEI FIORI CLIMB from Sant'Ambrogio di Varese village: 8.6 km – 5.3 mi, avg. 8%, max. 13%
  • PASSO CUVIGNONE CLIMB from Cittiglio 9.5 km – 7.2 mi, avg. 8.5%, max. 12%
  • MONTE OLOGNO CLIMB from Cannero village on Lake Maggiore: 10.4 km – 6.5 mi, avg. 9, max. 13% 
  • MONTE SAN MARTINO IN CULMINE CLIMB from Cuveglio village : 10.2 km – 6.3 mi, avg. 8%, max. 11%

full carbon road bike rental cycling lake maggiore lugano italy switzerland
Veloce customers enjoy cycling on Lake Maggiore, Italy

Cycling Costa del Sol. Discover El Chorro and El Caminito del Rey, full carbon road bike rental in Malaga, Andalusia Spain.

Cycling Costa del Sol, Spain. Discover El Chorro and El Caminito del rey, full carbon road bike rental in Malaga, Spain.
Our customers enjoy guided tours in El Chorro and El Caminito del Rey routes.

El Chorro ("The Cascade") is a small village located in Málaga (Andalusia) in southern Spain, near the town of Álora. It is one of the most popular rock climbing attractions in Spain as it is located next to Desfiladero de los Gaitanes ("Gorge of the Gaitanes").

This village is frequented by cyclists, hikers, and campers.

Gorge of the Gaitanes is famous for a scary walkway called Caminito del Rey (King's Pathway) which hangs 100m above the base of the gorge. The path provided access to a hydro-electric system and took its name from an official visit by Alfonso XIII of Spain in 1921. 

The gorge runs from the outlet of the "Embalse del Gaitanejo" to "El Chorro". There are two extremely narrow sections at each end of the gorge with a wider bowl in between. In addition to the re-furbished walkway, the old Málaga-Cordoba railway line runs through the gorge in a set of tunnels and bridges.

The gorge features prominently as a place of escape and refuge for the main characters played by Stephen Boydand Brigitte Bardot in the 1958 movie The Night Heaven Fell.
The railway and sections of the Caminito were used in the final location shots of the 1965 adventure film Von Ryan's Express.

They are funny places where to enjoy exclusive cycling experience with our local guides and our high end full carbon road bike rental services provided by our company with delivery at your accommodation in Malaga, Andalusia region of Spain. 

Information and quote requests to 

Cycling Peloponnese, the authentic Greece, full carbon road bike rental in Kalamata, Messinia.

Cycling Peloponnese, the authentic Greece, full carbon road bike rental in Kalamata, Messinia.
Local fishermen in Messinia, Greece.

Do you desire to enjoy the authentic Greece? 

It's time to discover Kalamata, a jewel of mainland Greece that can boast beautiful beaches worthy of the most famous tourist resorts.
This town in the shadow of the great Taygetos Oros mountain range overlooks a large gulf along which large sandy shores and tiny rocky coves alternate.

Here you come in search of an authentic Greece, with deserted beaches, villages where you can find taverns and high quality souvenir shops a typical product that has brought Greece to the tables all over the world, the "Kalamata olives".

Inserted in a scenic natural context between a large gulf and the mountains behind it, Kalamata is a pretty town with a characteristic historic center, a castle in the middle of the sea, a pleasant promenade and a city park, a friendly region of Peloponnese where to enjoy cycling excursions and training activities on non-busy roads using our full carbon, MTB and ebike rental services provided with deliver at accommodations, all around Greece. 

Cycling Peloponnese, the authentic Greece, full carbon road bike rental in Kalamata, Messinia.
Our customers enjoy cycling in Greece with Veloce full carbon road bike rentals
Cycling Peloponnese, the authentic Greece, full carbon road bike rental in Kalamata, Messinia.
Voikokilia gold sandy beach in Grece

Three most beautiful beaches in Messinia:
  • Kolopanas, near Petrochori
  • Glossa, frequented by naturists
  • Voikokilia: the most beautiful beach in Messinia, about 40 km from Kalamata, between the sea and the Gialova lagoon.

Voidokilia is the most popular beach in Messinia: it overlooks the Ionian Sea in the historical region of Peloponnese, in Greece. Its fine sand forms a semicircular strip of dunes, similar to the omega letter. It is part of Natura 2000, a protected area and bird habitat.
Above the beach of Voidokilia is the Nestor's Cave, and above still there are the ruins of the thirteenth century which once made up the magnificence of the castle of old Pylos or Palaiokastro.
Today, despite its historical relevance, Voidokilia is trampled on by tourists: all eager to enjoy its beauty from the fine sand and emerald sea that enters the curious omega-shaped basin.

Information and bike rental quote requests to 

Cycling Apuan Alps in Tuscany, full carbon road bike rental in Camaiore.

Few photos received by our customers from British Quadrathlon Team who enjoyed cycling on Apuan Alps in Tuscany using our full carbon road bike rentals provided with delivery and collection at their accommodations. 

The Apuan Alps are a mountain range in northern Tuscany, Italy. They are included between the valleys of the Serchio and Magra rivers, and, to the northwest, the Garfagnana and Lunigiana, with a total length of approximately 55 kilometres (34 mi).

The chain formed out of sea sediments in the middle Triassic period, somewhat earlier than the rest of the Apennines, and on a rather different geological structure. Over time, these sediments hardened into limestone, dolomite, sandstone, and shale. Harsh pressure approximately 25 million years ago transformed the limestone in many places into the Carrara marble (named for the nearby city of Carrara) for which the range is renowned. Erosion carved much of the remaining sedimentary rocks into a jagged karst topography.

The highest peak of the Apuan Alps is the Monte Pisanino, at 1,946 metres (6,385 ft).

All this beauty in North Tuscany!
Information and bike rental quote requests to 

cycling apuan alps tuscany full carbon road bike rental in Camaiore Versilia Lunigiana Garfagnana Carrara marble caves route

cycling apuan alps tuscany full carbon road bike rental in Camaiore Versilia Lunigiana Garfagnana Carrara marble caves route