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Road & Gravel bike rental in Ostuni

Road bike rental in Ostuni

Bicycle hire in Ostuni

Cycling in Puglia

We provide quality carbon road bikes and gravel bike rental with delivery at accommodations in Ostuni to make you enjoy cycling in Valle d'Itria in Puglia, Southern Italy.

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road gravel bike rental in Ostuni

carbon road bike rental delivered in the Itria Valley Ostuni

Cycling in the Ostuni area offers an exhilarating way to explore the stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage of this beautiful region in southern Italy. 

Here's a glimpse into the cycling experience in Ostuni:

Scenic Routes: The Ostuni area boasts a variety of scenic routes that cater to cyclists of all skill levels. From leisurely rides along coastal roads with panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea to challenging climbs through the rolling hills of the Valle d'Itria, cyclists are treated to a diverse range of landscapes and terrain.

Cultural Exploration: Cycling through the Ostuni area allows riders to immerse themselves in the region's rich history and culture. Along the way, cyclists can discover ancient olive groves, medieval castles, and traditional trulli houses, each telling a story of Ostuni's fascinating past. For your day off we suggest a tour with licensed tour guide in the city of Ostuni and/or surrounding villages, available in English language.

Gourmet Delights: Cycling in the Ostuni area offers the opportunity to indulge in the region's renowned culinary delights. Riders can pedal through picturesque villages and countryside, stopping at local trattorias and agriturismi to savor fresh seafood, artisanal cheeses, and delicious wines from nearby vineyards.

Active Holidays: Whether you're a seasoned cyclist seeking a challenge or a leisure rider looking to soak in the scenery, the Ostuni area provides the perfect backdrop for an active holiday. With a mild Mediterranean climate and a network of well-maintained roads and trails, cycling in Ostuni promises unforgettable experiences for riders of all abilities.

Overall, cycling in the Ostuni area offers a unique and rewarding way to explore one of Italy's most enchanting destinations. Whether you're seeking adventure, culture, or simply a leisurely ride through stunning landscapes, Ostuni has something to offer every cyclist.

Road bike rental Cagnes-sur-mer Challenge

Bike rental in Cagnes-sur-mer

Bicycle hire at Challenge races in Europe

Quality carbon road bike rental at the Challenge race in Cagnes-sur-mer

We provide quality carbon road bikes and TT bicycle rental with delivery at the athlete's accommodations in Cannes, Cagnes-sur-mer and the whole French coast to make you enjoy the Challenge race in Cagnes-sur-mer, France. 

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bike rental challenge cagnes-sur-mer

Bike rental delivered at the hotel in French coast

Boat and tender rental in Leuca

Boat & Tender rental in Leuca

Quality boats and tenders for rent with and without skipper, with and without license in Santa Maria di Leuca

Motor boat hire, tender for rent and sea excursions, one of the most funny things to do in Santa Maria di Leuca.

boat tender rental in santa maria di leuca

Boat rental in Santa Maria di Leuca

We provide quality boat and tender rentals in Santa Maria di Leuca to make you enjoy half day or full day sea excursions and experiences. With or without license. With or without skipper. 

Some of the excursions available: Zinzulusa cave, Torre San Giovanni, Il Ciolo fiord, Novaglie, Torre Vado, exploring the Ionian sea coast, the Adriatic sea coast and the boat tour at the sunset. 

Below in this post you can see the catalogue of the boats and excursions available in Santa Maria di Leuca with which you can arrange the booking, 

For special requests please email to booking@velocerental.com 

Milano - Sanremo bike rental

Milano Sanremo bike rental  

Road bike rental with pick in Milan and return in Sanremo

Our bicycle rental services to make you enjoy "The Classic of Classics"


Milano-Sanremo, also known as "La Classicissima" or "The Classic of Classics," is a prestigious one-day professional cycling race that spans the beautiful landscapes of northern Italy. 

Established in 1907, it is one of the five Monuments of cycling and holds a special place in the hearts of cycling enthusiasts worldwide. The race covers a challenging and scenic route of approximately 300 kilometers, making it the longest one-day race in the professional cycling calendar.

milano sanremo carbon road bike rental

our customers in Milan ready to leave to Sanremo


The Milano-Sanremo route takes cyclists on a mesmerizing journey from the bustling city of Milan to the picturesque coastal town of Sanremo. The race begins in the heart of Milan, usually near the iconic Cathedral of Milan (Duomo di Milano), providing a spectacular backdrop for the start of this monumental race.

From Milan, the peloton embarks on a southward trajectory, gradually leaving the urban landscape behind and entering the Lombardy region's rolling hills. The first part of the route is characterized by the challenging terrain, including climbs such as the Passo del Turchino and the Capo Mele.
As the cyclists approach the Ligurian coastline, the race takes a more dramatic turn with the inclusion of the famous climbs known as the Cipressa and the Poggio. These ascents, occurring in the final kilometers of the race, often play a decisive role in shaping the outcome. The Cipressa, a 5.6-kilometer climb, is followed by a quick descent before the riders face the final challenge of the Poggio, a 3.7-kilometer climb with an average gradient of 3.7%.

our customers enjoying the Milano Sanremo


The descent from the Poggio marks the conclusion of the challenging climbs, and it is from here that the race hurtles towards its climax in Sanremo. The technical descent demands exceptional bike-handling skills as riders navigate winding roads and sharp turns at high speeds.

Our customers at the end of the Milan - Sanremo cycling experience


The Milano-Sanremo route reaches its crescendo on the iconic Via Roma in Sanremo. This historic street, lined with cheering fans, serves as the grand stage for the final sprint to the finish line. The winner of Milano-Sanremo not only claims victory in one of the most prestigious races on the cycling calendar but also etches their name into the annals of cycling history.

Milano-Sanremo is not merely a race; it is a celebration of cycling's rich heritage and a testament to the enduring spirit of the sport. The challenging route, featuring iconic climbs and breathtaking descents, provides a true test of a cyclist's skill, endurance, and tactical acumen. As riders navigate through the heart of Italy, Milano-Sanremo continues to captivate fans and riders alike, embodying the essence of the sport and contributing to the legacy of professional cycling.


We provide quality carbon road bike rental service with delivery at the accommodations in Milan and pick up at the accommodations in Sanremo, at the end of your cycling experience.

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Road bike rental in Trieste

Road bike and gravel bike rental in Trieste

Quality bike rental with delivery in Trieste

Cycling Parenzana Trail from Trieste to Pula

We provide quality road bike rental and gravel bike rental services with delivery at the accommodations in Trieste Italy to make you enjoy cycling holidays on Parenzana trail to Pula village in Croatia where at the end of rental our company will collect the bikes at accommodations. 

Information and quote requests to booking@velocerental.com  

road bike gravel bike rental parenzana trail trieste pula

customer's with bikes delivered at their accommodation in Trieste