" Veloce Bike Rental: December 2010

Fishing tourism in Italy, extra activities during our cycling holidays in Calabria Region.

Our company is famous for irreproducible moments and experiences. For example during our cycling holidays we can offer fishing activities on the mediterranean sea with local fishermen, along Calabrian and Amalfi Coast.
Can be a good alternative to have a ride by boat and to watch the work of fishermen.
Thank's to Sergio Zanardi, our Calabrian partner, for picture courtesy.

Riviera del Brenta Cycling Excursion - near Venice, Italy

Please check out this excursion package, customizable for Cruise line Clients or normal tourists with transfer from/to
Venice, Treviso, Padova, Vicenza.

Cinque Terre Villages - Excursions by bicycle - Cycling holidays

We are working to create a Cinque Terre cycling holidays packages, along the roads of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore and the opportunity to extend your travel to the French Cote d'Azur.

Coming soon will be published all details.

Trails, fine antique villas, museum and gardens along the Brenta canal, near Venice

This is a shot maked along the Brenta Canal, near 30km from Venice. Along this trails we arrange daily excursions supported by transfer service from Venice and Mestre center. Coming soon will be published in this site all informations about the fine antique venetian villas, museums and gardens along this canal.
In this picture you can check the daily life of the people that live in this area, all people rigorously by bike !!
Jerry de Concilio
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Some idea for your cycling holidays in Tuscany - best trails and suggestions

We have read out this article written by the official web of tourism in Tuscany. I suggest reading the article because can be a starting point for study your next self or guided cycling holidays in Tuscany, Chianti and Maremma areas.

Please remember that our company can arrange in Tuscany :

- your self cycling tours or holidays (with our logistic support and/or bicycle rental services)
- complete guided holidays.

All this in whole Italy, year-round.
Link to the article.

Interview to Jerry for sustainable tourism

in the past week I have received an interview with the redactional office of the web site entitled NinjaMarketing.it where I have explained my business and the characteristics of my corporate social responsibility. Unfortunately this interview is in Italian language. I'm working to insert EN subtitles in the official video. At the moment you can look the italian interview and translate with google tools.

From the desk of the hotel, our partner in Calabria region.

I love this picture.
I remember that I have created this shot some weeks ago during our last exploration of Calabria region. After we have ridden on the hills for whole day I have loved our relax moments in the main office of the owner of the hotel. Every evening I like to stop and look this bike during our management meetings of our cycling holidays packages.

Cycling vacations in Sicily - excursions and customized holidays

Yesterday I customer from Alaska have sent me request for arrange his cycling holidays in Sicily. Coming soon we will publish our cycling vacations package dedicated to the Sicily island.
Our package will be all inclusive and can be customized under necessities of our customers.

Luigia Zilli, Italian painter passionate about cycling.

After long time I have met in facebook my friend Ms. Luigia Zilli, Italian painter (living in Canada) passionate about cyclism.
I have always loved artworks of Luigia because in the core of her painting you can feel the soul of Italy and the passion for the cycling.
I would like suggest to my readers the official web site of Luigia, if you love her artworks please feel feel to contact she.

Cycling excursion along the roads of Bracciano Lake

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this is another daily excursion package adviced for people that come in Italy with cuises companies at Civitavecchia port.

Mediterranean Cruises, vacations in Italy : cycling excursions from Venice, Civitavecchia and Naples ports

We are working to close contract with cruise companies for be official cycling excursions supplier. We will offer cycling daily solutions from Venice, Civitavecchia and Naples harbors included logistic and transfer services to/from the cycling paths.

Some examples

Venice Port : Transfer and cycling excursions in Chioggia, Sottomarina, Pellestrina cycling island, Brenta River paths.

Civitavecchia Port : Transfer and cycling excursions in Bracciano Lake and Rome.

Naples Port : Transfer and cycling excursions in Posillipo hills, Pozzuoli, Amalfi Coast.Coming soon more informations in our corporate web site.

Christmas in Padua - Padova Italy

Riding by bike on the road in Padua...ready for the Christmas ?
Jerry de Concilio
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