Organic food at restaurant and accommodation partners in Amalfi coast.

Jerry and his customers at restaurant partner in Positano

Jerry on left (owner at Veloce) and Peppe, owner of restaurant partner in Positano

our customer take picture of Capri island and Positano from table of restaurant

All our customers enjoy exclusive treatments from our partners (restaurants, accommodations, ecc). In this post we would like share pictures from our restaurant partner in Positano, a beautiful village in Amalfi coast

We use to stop at this restaurant during our cycling excursions or vacation packages. 

The whole organic food production of this restaurant is arranged at own gardens round the building, on the coast. Are available, on demand, menus for vegetarian, vegan and celiac customers. 

panoramic view from table (Capri island on background) 

tomatoe plants at organic garden of restaurant 

potatoes salad 

meatballs, meat and bread

tomatoes salad 


mozzarella balls

chick peas salad and panzarotti

rice salad 

beans salad