" Veloce Bike Rental: Suitable cycling fashion during winter, few suggestions for our readers.

Suitable cycling fashion during winter, few suggestions for our readers.

Author : ProBikeKit.com from UK. 

As the temperatures drop, the rain starts to fall, and the outdoors seems bleaker each day, it can be tempting to stop riding for a few months. However, the less friendly weather should be no excuse. It is possible to remain in the saddle throughout the wintertime, all it takes is the right gear.

Veloce climb Etna volcano in winter season

Dress Up and Stay Comfortable

Before heading out, you should make sure that you have the right clothing for your trip. Here are some essential items that you will need to survive the cold and rain:

Overshoes: The simplest way to waterproof your shoes. Just slip these on over the top and your feet are protected in all but the most torrential rain. Remember not to walk around in them though as they can wear out very easily. Always take them off when you hop off your bike.

Winter Gloves: Your hands will face the brunt of icy air while riding around. For this reason, you should purchase gloves that are thick enough to block out the wind but flexible enough to help you maintain control. These can be general purpose and do not have to be cycling-specific.

Cycling Jacket: In this case, you will need a jacket tailored for bike riders for maximum protection. Just make sure that the sleeves stay down as you reach forward on the handlebars. An elastic and Velcro wrap will help here. A jacket with a long back is also recommended to keep you warm while on the saddle. 

Cycling Trousers: Made specifically for the biking enthusiast, these pants will protect your legs from the wind and rain without making them too sweaty. They will also stay snugly around your ankles, keeping your lower half warm no matter where you are cycling to.

Winter Socks: Woollen socks are recommended as they will keep your feet warm and dry at the same time. If you are really sensitive to the cold, you can always wear two pairs. For added protection, you can buy fully waterproof socks. These can be a bit more expensive however.

Vaseline or Chap Stick: In colder temperatures, the air can become a lot drier. To stop your skin and lips getting cracked and parched, invest in some Chap Stick or Vaseline. This is a cheap purchase which will save you a lot of pain and discomfort after your winter cycling excursions.

A New Outfit for Your Bike

If you are winter riding, you should purchase some additional accessories for your bicycle as
well. Here are some of the most important extras that you will need:

Lights: This one should seem obvious but it is surprising how many people forget! As the temperature drops, days become shorter too. This means that you may be caught out in the dark while riding. To stay visible and avoid accidents, purchase lights, tyres, and clothing.

Mud Guards: Winter means more rain and thus more puddles for you to cycle through. Rather than getting to your destination with water and mud up your back, why not install some mud guards instead? This will also protect anyone cycling behind you from being drenched during their ride.

Santini winter jacket

Smart Shopping

All of these can be a lot to purchase. To avoid denting your bank account too much, you can buy these items one at a time instead. Just look at where you ride then work out which fashion accessories are more important. For example, if you are only riding 20 minutes to work each day, you may be able to get by with just a pair of shorts. If you have a shower and change room in the office, it also might not matter if you get a bit muddy along the way. 

Simply take some time to think about what you really need then purchase those items first. After that, you can then buy anything else that is useful but not really necessary. The right amount of thought can thus make shopping for cycling accessories really easy.

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