Giro 2013 inspection in Naples with Alex Zanardi and Gianni Bugno. Bike lane complation opening by Luigi De magistris, the mayor.

This morning RCS Gazzetta dello Sport inspected town of Naples and met Mr. Luigi De Magistris, mayor of  the town to define last details of the first stage of Giro 2013. 

The city of Naples will host the Great Start 'Grande Partenza' of the 2013 Giro d’Italia, exactly 50 years after the Corsa Rosa last started in the southern Italian city in 1963. The 96th edition of the race starts on Saturday May 4 and will end on Sunday May 26.

Today Gianni Bugno, Alex Zanardi and the mayor ridden by bicycle the pedestrian seafront of the town. In this occasion the mayor announced to the press the completion of the biggest bike lane of south of Italy built  in the town of Naples from the central railway station to the Bagnoli district area. 

Alex Zanardi (gold at paralympics 2012) explain in video content in this post that the new pedestrian seafront of the town of Naples can be a good destination for tourists with special needs. 

In effect along this seafront is possible ride bicycle, tandem or handcycle in total absence of cars. Our company from long time support with exclusive services the vacations of people with special needs. 

Bugno, Zanardi and De Magistris ride the bike lane (picture credit Velia Cammarano)