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IronMan Switzerland, carbon road bike rental in Zurich and Vitznau

Cycling in Switzerland, carbon road bike rental in Vitznau & Zurich for the IronMan challenge

Some photos from the delivery of carbon road bike rental provided at customers accommodations in Vitznau and Zurich, in occasion of IronMan Switzerland

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carbon road bike rental Vitznau Switzerland
carbon road bike rental delivered at AirBnb in Vitznau

carbon road bike rental in Zurich
carbon road bike rental delivered at AirBnb in Zurich

Carbon road bike rental Vitznau
Vitznau village on the road to Zurich

carbon road bike rental Vitznau
carbon road bike rental delivered at AirBnb in Vitznau

Carbon road bike rental in Malaucène, Bèdoine and Sault Mount Ventoux

Climb Mount Ventoux, Carbon road bike rental in Malaucène, Bèdoine and Sault villages

The Mount Ventoux is the most epic routes of French cycling, the most desired by bicycle lovers. The magnificence of Mount Ventoux is one of cycling experiences we suggest to enjoy using our carbon road bike rental services or e-bike rental services delivered and collected at accommodations, also in different towns of Provence region of Southern France

Mont Ventoux is the scene of one of the most grueling climbs in the Tour de France bicycle race, which has ascended the mountain fifteen times since 1951.

In road bicycle racing the Mount Ventoux could be climbed by three routes South from Bédoin, Northwest from Malaucène (about equal in difficulty as the Bédoin ascent but better sheltered against the wind) and East from Sault

Our company provide high quality carbon road bike rentals and e-bike rentals with delivery and collection at accommodations in these villages. 

If you are looking for a charming accommodation where stay in Malaucène we suggest the Maison Sule. In occasion of our rental We had pleasure to know the owners who told us the history of this graceful ancient residence, from the French empire. 

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Cycling Castiglione d'Orcia: enjoy wonderful rides in Tuscany

Cycling Castiglione d'Orcia: enjoy wonderful rides in Tuscany with our carbon road bike rental

Castiglione d'Orcia is a village immersed in landscapes of incredible beauty.

With touring bikes or racing ones, the Val d'Orcia is an Italian to do thing. 

Landscapes are stunning, food is the tasteful and weather is cool in Spring, Summer and Fall too. 
If you're organizing your holidays in Tuscany or surroundings, don't miss this side of it. 

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We provide our services at your accommodation or pick up point, of course even for itinerant journeys with different locations for pick up and drop off. 

Special discounts for winter's and groups' reservations! 

cycling castiglione d'Orcia carbon road bike rental
FOCUS IZALCO RACE 9.9 Dura Ace, just delivered
at customer's Villa in Castiglione d'Orcia, Tuscany.

Holidays in Naples?

If you're spending your holidays in Naples area, you can't miss our bike rentals.

Sorrento and Amalfi Coast ruote is for sure one of the best piece of Italian coast! Starting in SorrentoPositanoAmalfi and ending in Salerno
The deep blue of the sea, the vegetation and the cliffs are nestled in the frame of the the whole ride. 

Carbon road bike rental in Positano. 
Cycling Sorrento Coast. 
The other option is the Flegrea Coast, from Pozzuoli through Baia, Bacoli and Capo Miseno, discovering the treasure of northern Naples. 

Tell us your needs,  please fill the form to this link. Do you prefer road racing bikes or hybrid bikes? 

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From Positano to Amalfi
Cycling the Flegrea Coast towards Pozzuoli

Road bikes rental in Bratislava Slovakia Championship Challenge in Samorin

Road bikes rental in Bratislava Slovakia Championship Challenge in Samorin

Bratislava is perhaps one of the few cities in the world, if not the only one, whose name was decided by a public competition. Until a few years ago considered a city of passage for those who wanted to go to Vienna or Budapest and were looking for a low-cost flight, today the Slovak capital is a destination of first order for those looking for a nice neat, clean, quiet town full of things to see, lots of young people and a nice evening movement.

carbon road bike rental in Bratislava Samorin Challenge
Sunny day in Bratislava. 
carbon road bike rental in Bratislava Samorin Challenge
Cozy restaurant in Bratislava. 

The Old Town of Bratislava  is perfectly preserved and entirely pedestrian, gathered around the Main Square  where markets, revolts and executions took place over the centuries. Today it is dominated by the Town Hall with the tower and, above all, the restaurants and bars where Slovaks and tourists sip beers at every hour of the day of each day of the year. 
Curiosity: according to a legend, the statue of Massimiliano II turns around and begins to walk backwards!

carbon road bike rental in Bratislava Samorin Challenge
Enjoying a glass of wine along the Danube. 
carbon road bike rental in Bratislava Samorin Challenge
Typical Bronze Statue.

It is absolutely to do climbing up the futuristic bridge over the Danube called New Bridge. You have the impression of climbing on a UFO spacecraft as the inhabitants call it, suspended over Bratislava. The lift that leads up is really fast so you can grab a panoramic beer, eat at the restaurant (luxury one, but not so expensive) or simply admire the view from the platform.
For the evening, therefore, you will not be spoiled for choice: pubs with live music, some big discos, jazz clubs or, if the weather permits, a nice walk along the Danube.

carbon road bike rental in Bratislava Samorin Challenge
A view from the New Bridge. 
carbon road bike rental in Bratislava Samorin Challenge
Amazing corner in the Old Town. 

The bronze statues scattered around the historic center of Bratislava are a truly unexpected sight. They are in evolution: every now and then some appears. And to think that everything was born as an economic and sympathetic way to revitalize the center after the fall of Communism. Today they have become one of the most important tourist attractions of the Slovak city. You surely won't miss a selfie with them! 
About sleeping suggestions, we recommend the Sheraton Hotel, few minutes walking to the Eurovea Galleria, not only a usual shopping center with its tower above the Danube. 

Not far from Bratislava take place an amazing and unexpected town, the Challenge in Samorin. Every year we will be bike rental dealer during this event. With our high end full carbon racing bikes you won't have the stress to bring your one from home risking to get it lost or damaged, but a customized service of delivery and collection at accommodation in Bratislava and Samorin areas with all the accessories and bike setting. 

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carbon road bike rental in Bratislava Samorin Challenge
My customers along Bratislava's city center. 
carbon road bike rental in Bratislava Samorin Challenge
My customers smiling at bikes delivery in Bratislava. 

Cycling Marche, carbon road bike rental in Fano

carbon tri bike rental shop in Fano
Carbon tri bike rental in Fano.

Carbon road bike rental in Fano

The east coast of Italy who hosted the Giro d'Italia 2020. 
Large number of people love to discover the coast and the mountain Apennines using our bike rental services delivered at accommodations. 
Today we would share this photo shop by a customer, enjoying a break on Fano beach during his triathlon training activities using our tri carbon bicycle rental services. 

Advanced booking discount for reservations closed in winter time.
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Stelvio Pass in Italy, there is nothing more breathtaking for a cyclist

Cycling Stelvio Pass in Italy, carbon road bike rental with delivery in Bormio and Prato allo Stelvio

The most epic routes of Italian cycling are also the most yearned by eager bicycle lovers. The magnificence of Stelvio Pass cycled with us is one of the more exiting things to do in Europe. In the picture below our customers ride down to Bormio after climbed 48 hairpin bends of the Stelvio pass from Prato village.

Veloce provides its service to cyclists from all over the world, delivering bikes at hotels, airports, trains stations or wherever you need. Even with drop off in different locations. 

Our high end full carbon bikes are the top to climb such great peaks! 

...Are you waiting for what? The cycling season is coming! 

Send your rental quote request via form at this linkWe will answer you with suggestions, details and all the information you might need.

Stelvio Pass Bormio cycling road carbon full bike rental bike hire
Cycling down to Bormio from Prato allo Stelvio.
Veloce's customers on Stelvio Pass.

Carbon road bike rental Ironman Switzerland Thun

Carbon road bike rental Ironman Switzerland Thun

This year for the first time the Ironman moves from Zurich to Thun, home of Swiss mountains, stunning landscapes and traditional culture. 

Nestled in a new fabulous frame, the competition generally take place every July.

Avoid to pack your racing or time trial bike, save money and time with our bike rental service. 
We will provide the bikes and all the accessories directly at your accommodation and we will help you setting the bike. 

We have limited bikes for these events because athletes started to reserve bikes a year before the event... hurry up! Special discounts for groups and advanced reservations! 

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Carbon road bike rental Ironman Switzerland Thun
Smiling customer after bike's setting.
Ironman Switzerland. 

Carbon road bike rental Ironman Switzerland Thun
Happy and satisfied customer at bike's delivery
in Zurich last summer. 

Where to rent a bike in Bormio Stelvio Pass

Carbon road bike rental to climb the Stelvio pass

Stelvio Pass it's absolutely to be cycled by all cyclists once in a lifetime!
We will provide you high end full carbon road bikes to enjoy this amazing climb. 

Stelvio pass bike rental
Delivering bikes at Hotel Rezia in Bormio, Summer 2019.
Focus Izalco Race 9.9. 

You will pick up all bikes and accessories at your hotel, villa, apartment and have them collected wherever you prefer, even in another location.

Avoid to pack your bike and ship it from another country, filing the form at this link you will receive a quote will all the information about costs and bikes.

Discounts up to 25% for advanced reservation in fall and winter!

Are you in Italy and love bicycle? Why do not cycling in autumn and winter?

Even if is almost winter, who said you can't have a ride? So... 
Just need to send us an email booking@velocerental.com with: 
- dates
- locations 
- type of bikes 
- number of cyclists. 

We will delivery at your hotel, apartment or pick up point and collect at the end of the rental, touring or racing bikes, here we are! 

Special offers for last minute requests! Hurry up! 

Cycling well equipped in late winter on a sunny day.
Veloce's customers picture from their holiday.

From Montpellier to Nice cycling Occitane Provence

Cycling Occitane and Provence, from Montpellier to Nice

The Southern coast of France is a really dazzling place to cycle. 
There are climbs to improve yourself with racing bikes and hills and flat roads to ride with hybrid touring bike for a relaxing cycling holiday. 
Ideal for couples, families, kids. No matter of age. This side of French country it's absolutely amazing for everyone! 
We suggest a route from Montpellier, town of Occitanie region to Nice, Provence. 

bike rental montpellier cycling provence occitane
Group of customers starting their journey in Montpellier.

Montpellier seems to be a little Paris, a French jewel outside of the most traditional tourism routes. The heart is the Place de la Comédie. Lots of details attract attention: the beautiful Tre Grazie fountain, the Operà theater and the large buildings with the typical slate roofs. For a chocolate or a tea, you shouldn't miss to taste something at the Georges Café. 
Cycling East, you will cross the Parc Naturel Regional de Camargue where you can ride trough, exploring and admiring the flora and the fauna. Sleep in one of the little villages around, such as Arles, famous for having inspired Van Gogh's paintings.
Continuing your journey you will cross Marseille where the centerpiece of the center is the Old Port where the fishmongers sell fresh fish along the jetties crowded with boats. The Basilica of Notre Dame de la Garde and the The Château d'If are absolutely to be visited. The second one was a fortress and a prison, famous for being one of the settings of Alexandre Dumas' adventure novel The Count of Monte Cristo.
Certainly you'd need to spend a day in Aix en Provence , a really amazing pearl of Provence. The legacy left by Cezanne, who was born and lived here for a long time, is still strong and present. There is the name of his family on the manhole covers of the whole city, but above all, there is the Atelier where the painter lived that represents a must for anyone who passes by these parts. The center of the city is the Corso Mirabeau. Really recommended a stop at Café des Deux Garçons.
Cycling towards Nice, you can ride the countryside, visiting lovable town like Brignoles with its nice cafes and pastries or, along the coast, where you deserve a break on the beach in Saint Tropez or Cannes. Here it takes place a famous Movie Festival every May. 
Anyway, the Côte d'Azur it's marvelous and you can enjoy food, people, weather, beach and nature at 360° in the best possible way. 
So, at the end of the cycling there is Nice. First, you need to have a ride on the Promenade des Anglais and then visit the old town. Unmissable the the Marché Aux Fleurs, which colors and perfumes the days of this enchanted town in Provence.
As we said at the beginning of the post, this is a good suggestion both for touring holidays and for who wants to cycle a little bit harder too. There are lots of climbs just few chilometres from the coast area and the countryside it's stunning in spring and summer. Just to make an example the Parc naturel régional des Préalpes d'Azur it is a to do stage for good cyclists! 
You can cut, enlarge, change all the stages. Do more, or less. This is up to you! 
Veloce will send you all the information stitched for your needs. Write us here booking@velocerental.com or via WhatsApp using this link to receive all details and a quote with discounts up to the 25% for advanced reservation! 

Have you ever been in Liguria? No?! Don't miss it and ride it with Veloce!

Liguria region, on Northern-west coast of Italy, it's a beautiful side of our country. 
Between sea and mountains, the Riviera Ligure is an amazing route to cycle both for hybrid and racing bikes. 

You might start your cycling holiday from La Spezia, visiting Cinque Terre where, over the centuries, people have built terraces on the rugged, steep landscape right up to the cliffs that overlook the sea and passing. Then, go West through Golfo del Tigullio where Sestri Levante, Rapallo, Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino are picturesque small towns on the sea coast where you can enjoy tasteful food such as focaccia (typical type of bread) and pasta al pesto, made with parmigiano cheese, olive oil, basil and pine nuts... so good! 

And... Genova. Gorgeous and charming with its ancient buildings from Repubblica Marinara age, all the vicoli and caruggi, peculiar alleys in this city. 
Hills around Genova are cool to ride and it's not difficult to find cyclists to have rides together along the way. 

Cycle to the end of your trip, you can visit other dazzling towns, that especially in spring and summer are very amazing and full of life. Varazze, Alassio, Loano, Sanremo (where it takes place the Festival, most famous popular song contest in Italy and know abroad too!)  and between France and Liguria, Menton. 

You can start and end where you want, Veloce will delivery and pick up at the beginning and finish of your holiday all bikes and the accessories. 
Need suggestions planning the holiday? Send us an email to booking@velocerental.com to receive all info about locations, bikes, costs and service! 

High discounts on bikes rate for advanced and groups reservations! 

Deep blue and full carbon racing bike ready to be cycled in Riviera. 

Cycling Liguria with Veloce bike rental service 

Portofino. Amazing view, just after a delivery. 

Seafront waiting for a customer at bikes collection. Genova.

Adventurous Europe cycling with Veloce bike rental!

Smiling customers in the pics below! 
This group from UK has crossed Germany and Austria from Munich to Wien for an amazing cycling holiday of ten days with our full carbon bikes.

You can start your journey and cycle country to country. Veloce is going to provide you bikes and logistics service of delivery and drop off in different locations.

To receive info and costs, give us your holiday details (number and kinds of bikes, estimate date from/to, locations to pick up and collection) here: booking@velocerental.com

Enjoy discounts and special offers! 

Austria countryside. Cycling full carbon
bikes from FOCUS. 
Smiling pit stop crossing Germany. 

Along the river with Veloce's bikes provided at accommodation. 

End of journey: smiling and happy! It has been a pleasure to
have these guys as customers. 

Bike rental fall and winter discounts!

It's been over 10 years that Veloce provides its bike rental service in Italy and Europe
No matter where you are, we will delivery you the bikes with all the accessories directly at your accommodation or pick up point:
hotels, villas, apartments, airports, train stations... 

You can finish your cycling holiday whenever you need, the drop off is at your convenience too

Just send us an email to booking@velocerental.com to receive all the information and costs with the details about the service you need.

Don't miss to reserve your bike rental service with special discounts for fall and winter bookings! 

bologna bike rental full carbon hire cycling holiday
Full carbon FOCUS Izalco Race 9.9 ready to be delivered at Bologna Airport. 

bologna bike rental full carbon hire cycling holiday
Full carbon FOCUS Izalco Race 9.9. Waiting for
the pick up at Grand Hotel in Verona.

Planning your cycling holiday?! Here some tips to cross Italy from West to East in 10 days (or less)!

Read our suggestions below and start organizing your cycling holiday in Northern Italy. 
An amazing route is from Torino to Trieste, passing all the most important and beautiful city from West to East side.

From Turin to Trieste route overview

UK Google team smiling in front of Duomo di
Milano last summer with Veloce bike rental bikes. 


Route from Torino to Novara
Daily tips: in Torino taste the bonet, typical chocolate pudding in a caffetteria near the Mole Antonelliana.


Route from Novara to Milano
Daily tips: Visit in Novara the Basilica of San Gaudenzio that dominates the city with its dome with a height of 121 meter.


Route from Milano to Brescia 
Daily tips: Milano it's awesome. There are lot of thing to do here but... you have to drink a cocktail in the famous Terrazza Aperol, just at the side of the stunning Duomo


Route from Brescia to Verona 
Daily tips: live a medieval spirit and visit the Castle in Brescia, one of the most beautiful manor in northern Italy. 


Route from Verona to Padova
Daily tips: If you too have cried for Shakespeare's drama Romeo and Juliet, you couldn't miss the Casa di Giulietta Museum in Verona and then drink a coffee in front of the Arena just before re start your trip!


Route from Padova to Treviso 
Daily tips: The Cappella degli Scrovegni in Padova is a stunning  catholic place of worship located in the historic center and home to a famous cycle of frescoes by Giotto from the early 14th century, considered one of the masterpieces of Western art. 


Route from Treviso to Pordenone 
Daily tips: have a breakfast in Piazza dei Signori, most important square in Treviso, located in the heart of the city and its cultural, historical and social center. The square is due to the presence of the buildings of the ancient Treviso Signoria. 


Route from Pordenone to Udine
Daily tips: you definitely have to try the Biscotto Pordenone, in Gelateria Pasticceria Montereale. This typical biscuit is recognized for its sweet/salty taste that allows you to enjoy it both as a dessert and a tantalizing appetizer, accompanied by local meats and cheeses.


Route from Udine to Trieste
Daily tips: In Udine is unmissable a visit in Piazza Libertà, gothic and renaissance square enclosed in the heart of Udine.

Day #10 TRIESTE 

Our smiling customers in Trieste
at drop off after an amazing cycling holiday.
Daily tips: definitely go to see and visit the Faro della Vittoria , lighthouse and impressive national monument in Trieste offering a spectacular view over the city.

Of course, these are just suggestions... You can mix, cut or add stages at this journey! 
If you have less days, you should start in Milano or maybe end in Padova, Venezia or reach Treviso along the coast... This is all up to your needs! 
Send us an email to booking@velocerental.com and you will receive a quote with information, costs and further suggestions in case of needs. We will provide you bikes, support with a net of local partners and a customized service of delivery and collection at your start and end point of the journey. 
Special discounts for groups and advanced reservations! :) 

Stelvio Pass: unmissable to climb for cyclists in Italy

Veloce every year rents to dozens and dozens of cyclists its racing bikes on Stelvio Pass area.  
High end full carbon racing bikes for rent delivered and collected at your accommodations. Remember, also different locations for pick up and drop off!

Reserve your bikes at the following email address: booking@velocerental.com
Special discounts for groups and for advanced reservations up to 25% on bikes' rate. 

Don't miss this climb! 

FOCUS IZALCO RACE 9.9 Disk, delivery in Bormio. 

Enjoying the view. Stelvio Pass. 

Improve yourself with Stelvio Pass.

Full carbon racing bike deliver at Hotel in Stelvio area