" Veloce Bike Rental: March 2011

Point of reference for insitutional tourist offices.

Our company is a point of reference for institutional tourist offices of the cities places along naturalistic routes.
We help institutions to grow cycling tourism in their territories.
After the nolan plain placed under the Vesuvius volcano we have received an email from another tourist office.
Ro, the town placed along right shore of Po river in Ferrara area, Emilia Romagna Region.

bike rental in Bologna

This morning (Sunday) we are working for deliver hybrid bike at Hotel Roma in Bologna.
Our customer will ride with our bike for 1 week. The bicycle collecting will be arranged in the same town.

Daylight saving time in Italy

Tonight in Italy the time is changed. From 2am to 3am.
If you are travelling to this country remember to change time of your clock.

Bike rental couriosity ...

In last week we have received from our customers some bicycle rental service requests for cover this itineraries :

- from Agropoli to Bari
- from Bari to Trapani
- from Agropoli to Trapani
- tour of chianti classic
- from Venice to Pise
- Bari, Lecce, Gallipoli and back
- from Naples to Catanzaro
- from Bari to Venice

Remember that we can supply bike rental service with pick up and collecting in different cities, give logistic support and routes information.

Marcialonga bicycle racing event in Fiemme and Fassa valleys between Dolomites, Trentino Alto Adige and Veneto.

Today another customer from Sweden have required road bike rental services with delivery at the Venice airport for enjoy in 29th May the Marcialonga cycling competition.

This is an example of our various services.

Road bicycle racings events in Italy : Coppa Campania.

With the spring in Italy back the Coppa Campania, Italian cycling race organized by "cycling for all foundation" and "Polisport Acef".
For information feel free to contact our customer service, we can help you to be introduced to organizers, receive further information and arrange your registration to this bicycle race.

New shore excursions and sightseeing by bike in Amalfi Coast, near Sorrento

Today we have published on line our 2011 cycling shore excursions in Amalfi Coast :
  • from Amalfi to Cetara
  • from Amalfi to Positano
At this link you can download schedule program of our excursions.
This cycling excursions can be ridden by ordinary people, medium difficulty.
On demand we can supply transfer service from Sorrento.


Itinerario ciclabile 867501 - powered by Bikemap


Itinerario ciclabile 867518 - powered by Bikemap

Further information and booking : Jerry.

From Venice to Bovec slovenian valleys and back to Trieste airport.

We are working for support new customers to arrange their travel to Bovec valleys (Slovenia). This area is famous for mountain track, trails and roads.
We will deliver in Venice airport 2 touring bikes and accessories for rent. The customers will ride to Bovec and will go back to Trieste airport where we will collect our bikes. The whole route is around 327km (203 miles) and can be ridden without problems in 7 days.

Lucca, best destination of Italy second BBC and Lonely Planet

Second BBC and Lonely Planet article the best city for spring 2011 is Lucca, located in Tuscany and famous for its intact Renaissance-era city walls.

Enjoy Lucca and Tuscany by bike.

Bicycle rental service reservation

After receiving a quote, the customer can decide to reserve the bicycle rental service and the customized delivery.
During this step the company send request ofbooking payment. The customers can use their credit card with Paypal circuit.
Normally our company send to the customer (in English language) the paypal booking payment request. Our corporate paypal account is secure and verified by the international circuit.
Reservation of bikes is easily as buy a book in Amazon.
Thank you for your time
Jerry de Concilio

150th Anniversary of Italian unity

Today 17th March our shop is closed for national holiday in Italy : the 150th anniversary of Italian unity.

Our customer service remains available any time for respond to estimate requests and support of our clients.

Thank you for visiting our web site.
Jerry de Concilio

Bourbon reign, the cycling route. From Bari to Naples by bike.

View Bourbon roads by bike in a larger map

This is the cycling route of Bourbon reign, from Bari to Naples by bike.
Our company can provide for you :
  • bicycle rental services included pick up in Bari and drop off collecting in Naples
  • detailed maps and information
  • accommodation suggestions
  • luggages transfer and logistic support during your itinerary

Rent a bike in Trieste

If you are looking to cycling holidays in Croatia please remember that our company can supply for rent bicycles and accessories included pick up and drop off deliveries at airport, railway station or your hotel in Trieste.

Exeptionally in past years we have arranged drop off in Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia and Croatia.

In this picture (web source) : 'unification of Italy square in Trieste' .

Tasting buffalo mozzarella at farmhouse in Benevento, Cilento and Agropoli area - Italy

Every week our company work for creation of new itineraries including guided tours and tasting activities at local farmhouses.

We are boosting this services in Benevento wine roads and Cilento national park and vallo di Diano. This last place has been included in the UNESCO world heritage list.

In this pictures : farmer and our customer from Australia during making and tasting activities of buffalo's mozzarella.

Pomposa Benedectine Abbey in delta park of Po river, Italy

Enjoy new article published by our corporate online magazine dedicated to our cycling excursions in delta park of Po river.

Self and guided cycling excursion in Po (river) delta park

A shot from cycling excursion in delta park of Po river, riding between Veneto to Emilia Romagna regions, Italy.

Rural buildings of farmers in delta park of Po river.

During our cycling excursion we have noticed this strange architecture...
Jerry de Concilio
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Places to visit in Naples - Italy

Enjoy our new article dedicated to some museums and places to visit in Naples, Italy!

UNI EN bicycle standards

Our bicycles are built in Europe in compliance with UNI EN safety European standards.

Brenta river cycling excursion, near Venice Italy

This is Villa Pisani, the residence of Napoleon I. This villa is included in our cycling excursion along Brenta river. The lenght of the path in this area is 25km. The excursion can be guided or arranged for self tour. With the self tour we give to our customers bicycle, accessories, map and tourist information pack.
Jerry de Concilio
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Another article about our company

Italian newspaper, another article about our bicycle rental services and cycling holidays offer...we are looking to new routes along ancient villages under the shadow of Vesuvius volcano...

NH Hotel in Venice

This is the hotel where (if come by private boat), you can go by the use of lift from your boat to your room, directly ;)
Jerry de Concilio
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That'sAmoreMAG, bicycle and travel experiences. Preview of our corporate magazine

This is the preview picture of our corporate magazine. We are working to grow our corporate communication. In this blog we believe that you can know day by day our corporate life.
For support tourists and our customers we are working to launch online magazine entitled 'That'sAmoreMAG' that will include touristic information, curiosity and suggestion for live by bike exclusive places of Italian Country.

Routes testing

In this picture you can see Jerry during the road testing of itineraries before publishing on corporate web site.
Jerry de Concilio
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Back to the bike shop in Venice area.

This is the picture of surrounding landscape in Venice area during my come back to the head office after the cycling exploration of Greece.
Jerry de Concilio
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