" Veloce Bike Rental: February 2012

Via Francigena - from Canterbury to Rome with Veloce bike rental.

Still 30km to go until Campagnano di Roma. Next break, Sutri 10km  

river crossing near Isola Farnese

the Via Francigena, concludes here, at St Peter square

Our company provide high quality hybrid bikes and e-mtb bike rental service and luggages logistics assistance along the Francigena routes

If you are interested to enjoy this experience and to know further information about the Francigena experience please contact jerry@rentalbikeitaly.com. 

Monte di Procida cycling

Jerry, the owner during cycling test of Monte di Procida excursion

Landscape from Monte di Procida

Bacoli small touristic port

Capo Miseno - the lighthouse

Capri island, view from Monte di Procida

Cristina our guide in Spanish language

Vesuvius volcano from Bacoli / Monte di Procida 

Vincenzo, our mechanical at bike shop in Naples

Ferry boat from Pozzuoli to Ischia island, view from Monte di Procida

The Temple of Serapis in Pozzuoli 

Today we have tested for our excursions some cycling routes around the Monte di Procida, close Naples. This area is very beautiful and very indicated for cycling. Roads are characterized by small traffic and presence of a lot of panoramic places and historical archaeological sites. On the road is possible stop for taste local food and enjoy relax on the beach. During summer at the end of excursion, before transfer to the accommodation, swimming at local charming lido

On demand tranfer from/to the town of Naples. Customized cycling tours for all need : short and easier route for ordinary people and a longer or more demanding route for the keener cyclists.

Information and booking : jerry@rentalbikeitaly.com

Live from cycle sightseeing in Rome - Trevi fountain - Colosseum and San Peter Vatican state

Colosseum, fori imperiali pedestrian area

Vatican state, pedestrian area

Statue at Trevi fountain

Shots from our cycle sightseeing in Rome. Information and booking : jerry@rentalbikeitaly.com

Country exploration : growing our bike rental, cycling holidays and guided excursions business.

During the year our company work on countries exploration. We believe that this is necessary to help us to grow our bike rental, cycling holidays and guided excursions business. During this week we are working on Lazio and Sicily regions for close new partnership with local companies and to explore new places for   new self or guided holidays and excursions. In this post we show 2 funny shots : a bruschetta (with local homemade olive oil) tasting room advertising in Viterbo and panoramic terrace (450mts on sea level) on Vico lake located between Rome and Viterbo. During next few days we will upload full albums with shots of places visited by our company. 

tasting room in Viterbo, Bruschetta with 'new' oil !

Panoramic terrace on Vico lake road, 450mts on sea level

Chioggia - Pellestrina island - Venice Lido cycling excursion. Things to do in Veneto.

Venice Lagoon

Fisherman at work 

main pedestrian street

Ferry boast dock to Pellestrina, Venice Lido and San Marco Square

Fishing boats

Fishing boats

Main canal in Chioggia

Our company can arrange on demand customized cycling excursion from Chioggia to Pellestrina Island and Venice Lido (and back). Available transfer from Padova, Venice piazzale Roma or Mestre and Riviera del Brenta. Bike rental and guide included. 
Information and booking : jerry@rentalbikeitaly.com

Bergamo sightseeing

BergamoBelltower in Bergamo downtownUpper town from the downtownLion of Venice on main door of BergamoBergamo from the downtownRestricted traffic zone for cars in the upper town of Bergamo
Funicolare train to the upper town Funicolare train to the upper town Funicolare train to the upper town tourist information on the roadprivate small bell towerold library
Curch and old shop Sundial in facadesToo cold today Old shop in BergamoOld beer shop in Bergamo The main square of Bergamo
The main square of BergamoThe cathedral of Bergamo upper town The cathedral of Bergamo upper town The cathedral of Bergamo upper town The cathedral of Bergamo upper town The cathedral of Bergamo upper town
Bergamo sightseeing, un set su Flickr.
Most beautiful places from our sightseeing in Bergamo.