Piscina Mirabilis, the largest Roman cistern of drinking water ever. An archaeological site in Miseno, NW of the Goulf of Naples.

This is Piscina Mirabilis. 
Was built in the Augustan period at Miseno, on the north-west of the Gulf of Naples.  Is the largest cistern of drinking water ever built by Roman Empire. Entirely excavated in the tuff has the capacity of 12,000 cubic meters of water, is 15 meters high, 72 long and 25 wide and is covered with a barrel vault supported by 48 massive piers, arranged in four rows to form five long aisles .
The reservoir was built to supply water to the men of the largest fleet of the Roman Empire. 

The visits of this side and tasting activities at close farmhouse are included in our daily excursions of Phlegrean bay.

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