Veloce Bike Rental: January 2011

Riding by bike near Venice

This is the Riviera del Brenta, 10 miles from Venice lagoon. In this place you can have a nice daily slow cycling excursion along the river and antique venetian villas.
Jerry de Concilio
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Booking of bicycles

Customer Care for booking activities is opened.
Please contact Jerry for more information about custom bike rental services and prices policy.
Cheers !!

Charming week end solutions

We are working for creation of new packages : week end cycling solutions.
If you are interested in week end solution along Amalfi Coast or Venice area, please contact our customer service.
Jerry will be happy to create for you customized solutions.

Glamorous vacations in Italy, magazine of Emirates writes about us.

Glamour magazine of Dubai writes about our Cycling holidays offer along mediterranean coasts of Italy.
Amalfi coast, Pompeii, Capri island, the tour of Rome, Tuscia roads of Lazio region and ancient villages of calabrian area...all this are only an example of our travel solutions.

Fly to main office in Venice

Naples Capodichino Airport. Cheap fly to Venice Marco Polo with easyjet airline. In this week we have worked very hard, I have met marketing partners in Amalfi Coast and Capri for start works dedicated to restyling of our brand specialized in cycling holidays and bicycle rental services. In addition we will open our company to Italian customers (please note that our company have forever worked only for 100% customers coming from overseas countries) with creation of targeted marketing activities. For your self cycling holiday and bicycle rental service with customized deliveries, please feel free to contact Jerry.
Jerry de Concilio
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Sailing and cycling cruises in the bay of Naples

Yesterday I have met in the dock of Naples port our sailing partners (near Mascalzone Latino sailing school). In this period We are working to create a new hybrid touristic experience : sailing cruise of bay of Naples (Sorrento, Amalfi coast and Capri Island) included cycling excursions along paths and routes of the hinterland of this areas. For further informatio please contact Jerry.
Jerry de Concilio
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Next days dedicated to partnership programs

This is the Venice airport... Today I fly to Naples because in next days we will have meeting with our partners of campania region, working moments dedicated to 'cycle sailing cruises' and marketing solutions of amalfi coast. In effect we are working to offer sailing cruise along amalfi and campania coasts that will include daily cycling excursions of the hinterland of this region, all inclusive.
For further informations please feel free to contact me ...
Jerry de Concilio
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Cycling excursion in Capri.....

If you want live this experience, with our company can be possible. In this picture you can check people of italian cycling federation during their daily excursion in Capri ...

The last eruption of Etna volcano - Sicily by bike

If you are interested to cycling tours and holidays in Sicily region please note that our company can help you to arrange your best vacation in this region...
In this video you can check out the last eruption of Etna Volcano in 12 January 2011

"Mediterranean Taste" published by 30 nodi, our partner in Amalfi Coast and Campania Region

"Mediterranean Taste" published by 30 nodi, our partner in Amalfi Coast and Campania Region.... coming soon will be online the 2011 calendar of cooking masterclasses arranged by professional school in this area.

Waste collection in Venice - can ride by bike in Venezia ?

Walking in Venice can assist to the manual waste collection... An usual pratice in this city when you can drive only with the boat. In effect, please remember, if you come by bike in Venice you must park your (or our) bicycle in piazzale roma parks (venice)or your hotel out of Venice.
Jerry de Concilio
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working in Italian east coast travel

Today we have received rerquest from our customer coming from Ontario. We will arrange bicycle rental service and all support to arrange his travel, 3 weeks by bike from Amalfi coast to Venice along east coast of Italian country....
Another request from Finland.... 14 people want ride along the wine road of Verona region and on the Adige river.....

Restart our work - ready for the cycling holidays in Italy ?

From some days we have start to create customized offers for our clients (people and international tour operators) interested to our cycling holidays offer in Italy. On the road we have check for the first time the new tram in Venezia Mestre town ...
Jerry de Concilio
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Epiphany time by bike

In this days our company work very hard for make estimates and plan cycling and rental activities for this new year.
Thank you very much to everyone for their requests, we are happy to give all informations and plan our activities, customized under necessities of our clients.