" Veloce Bike Rental: March 2010

Abbazia di Praglia - Padova - Abbay of Praglia - Euganean hills - Padua

Yesterday I was in Abbazia di Praglia for our delivery services.
This Abbay is adviced for your cycling riding near Padua (few kilometers), We can deliver our bikes at your hotel in Padua or at Praglia Abbey regions.

Please contact our customers service for organize rental bike services.

The testimony of our customer

Hello Gennaro,

I am in Napoli & the bike is in the box & ready for pick up anytime today. I really enjoyed my trip & the bike worked very well without any problems. I cycled the Amalfi coast, The Calabrian coast from Rossarno to Reggio & most of the Sicilian coast as that's where the best weather was. I will send you photos of me & the bike when I get back to Canada.

Can you please let me know if courier can pick up the bike today as the manager wants to know what time so someone can be here. If I know an approximate time then I will stay at the hotel & give the bike to courier.

Thanks again for your help & service in making my cycling vacation a positive one. I definitely will come back again & cycle the places I missed this time. I hope to rent a bike from you again.



Village of the day : Castroreale - Messina - Sicily

Castroreale (Sicilian: Castruriali) is a village in the Province of Messina of Sicily, southern Italy.

It has around 2,702 inhabitants but over 80 churches, and is architecturally interesting, with some houses dating to the 13th century.

It is located 8.5 km from Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto and 30 km from Messina.It has a tower, last remain of a castle, built by Frederick II of Aragon in 1324. The name Castroreale comes from Latin, and means "royal fortress".

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Our company in Simonseeks.com - Venice travel guide and cheap hotels in Venice -

Today Simonseeks.com have contact our offices.
This company have insert in their blogs our services and promote our company in general directory about Venice and other Italian holidays destinations .

Simonseeks.com a travel website where you can find independent
Venice Travel Guides as well as information on cheap hotels in Venice.

Today we have received a contact from Simonseeks.com.
Simonseeks.com a travel website where you can find independent Venice Travel Guides as well as information on cheap hotels in Venice.

Como Lake Easter holidays

In a few days we have received big number of requests to help you to organize a cycling holidays around Como Lake region.
In this period more tourists come in Italy for Easter holidays and we have think that the best way for enjoy Italian county will be riding by bike around best places.
Contact us for create and customize your rental bike service, with free delivery at your hotel and shuttle / logistics support from Airports / railway stations.