" Veloce Bike Rental: May 2012

Road bikes for rent. Delivery at accommodation in Castelfranco Veneto.

A shot from our pick up delivery of bikes and accessories (like helmets, ecc) at accommodation in Castelfranco Veneto.
The dream team is completelly ready and to indicate where ride Veloce !

From Milan to Venice by bike in 6 days.

Few moments during the pick up ov road and hybrid bikes supplied for rent to our Australian customers that are riding from Milan to Venice in 6 days.

From Palermo to Rome by bike after enjoyed cycling exploration of Sicily

This picture was shooted during bike collecting at Casa Montani charming accommodation in Rome at Piazzale Flaminio square. This customers enjoyed with our high quality Bianchi hybrid bikes the tour of Sicily island and travelled by bike from Palermo to Rome in around 2 weeks.

From Bolzano to Venice, arrival of our customers in Piazzale Roma

One shoot from bike collecting arranged in Venice Piazzale Roma at the end of cycling vacation of our customers that started to travel with high quality Bianchi hybrid bikes from Bolzano.

Bike rental in Bolzano. Cycling to Venice.

A picture shooted during pick up arranged at Bolzano central railway station. This guys are ready to travel by our high quality hybrid bike rental to Venice where our company will collect bicycles at the end of their vacation. 
Information and quote requests to booking@velocerental.com 

Climb the Stelvio pass by bike - experience in occasion of Giro stage and our excursions for keaner customers

Jerry, customer and Paolo our guide for Italian passes

are you ready ? Pass closed for the Giro stage

Stop at the fountain 

Paolo, our guide

fist of 48 hairpin bends 
climbing to 2758mts on sea level

people walking to the cima 

another haipin bend

my Campagnolo Record titanium gear

The road climber, view from the Stelvio Pass

eating the panino with sausice at the end of climbing

Stelvio stage of Giro d'Italia 

Jerry at the end of climbing

the maglia rosa Rodriguez Oliver

Ready to go back to the van 

Few shots from our cycling excursion of Stelvio pass. We can arrange this excursion every Sathurday with the presence of professional cyclist guides, team car on the road and high end road bike rental. Transfer available from Venice, Padova, Vicenza, Verona, Trento and Bolzano to Prato allo Stelvio and back. 

Information and reservations : jerry@rentalbikeitaly.com

From Milan to Venice by bike. Arrival of our customers in Piazzale Roma - Venezia

This afternoon our customers arrived in Venice : last stage of their cycling holidays started 10 days ago in Milan.
One member of this grou have published in his blog this cycling experience, day by day.
This is the link where is possible read about


Bike rental in Bologna. Pick up delivery at the youth hostel.

Few shots from our pick up delivery organized one week ago at the youth hostel in Bologna. Our Japanese customers are riding from Bologna to Modena (where have visited the Ferrari Museum), Turin, Milan and Venice. In total are riding with our bikes 860km in 25 rental days.

Road bike rental. Pick up delivery at Hotel Ausonia in Follonica

Pictures from our pick up delivey of Bianchi and Bottecchia road bikes at the Ausonia hotel in Follonica, close Grosseto. Our customers will ride by bike cycling routes of Maremma suggested from our customer service.

Full carbon road bikes rental. Pick up at the Bergamo Orio al Serioairport

Jerry and his customers during the pick up delivery of full carbon road bikes and car rack at the rental car park area of Bergamo Orio al Serio airport. Our customers will climb Dolomites and Alps mountains of Italy and will watch the Stelvio Giro stage of next Sathurday. We will be at the Stelvio in cycling excursion with few customers from United States. We have few seatd available in our van, we can pick up people in Venice and Verona before leave to Prato allo Stelvio where will start our climb to the pass to watch the arrival of Giro.

New Bianchi bikes for our customers

Few shots from our meeting at the Bianchi factory in Treviglio, close Bergamo where we buyed new Bianchi bikes available for rent for our customers. In this pictures the factory abd the show room.

Bike rental in Milan. Delivery at Manin and Idea hotels

Last week we delivered road bikes at the Manin and Idea hotels in Milan. The Manin hotel is located in the center of the town, very beautiful and with professional workers. The idea hotel is very close the Malpensa airport and very practical for people that need stop in Milan and leave quickly.

Road bike rental, pick up at Venice airport. Customers ready to ride Cortina d'Ampezzo and Stelvio Pass during the Giro d'Italia stages.

our customer with Bianchi bike

Our customers with Whistle and Corratec bikes, car rack supplied for rent from our company

Pictures from pick up delivery of bikes arranged at the exit of car rental park area of Venice Marco Polo airport. Our customers will enjoy with our bikes the Cortina d'Ampezzo and Stelvio pass during Giro d'Italia stage. 

Cycling the paths of Adige river in Trento.

our customer ride standard hybrid bike along cycling path of Adige river
Yesterday we received this picture from our customers that 10 days ago started self cycling holidays from Munich (Germany) to Venice. This picture was shot on the cycling path along the Adige river before his flat going into Trento

About us on Mairie Claire fashion magazine

article about us on Mairie Claire

An article on Mairie Claire about our company and the Animalier bike of Dolce & Gabbana

Smile of our customers

our German customers during pick up of bikes at Venice airport

Bike rental in Milan. Cycling holiday from Milan to Venice.

Picture from bike rental and pick up delivery service arranged at Michelangelo hotel in Milan, close central railway station. Our Australian customers are enjoying self cycling holiday riding from Milan to Venice by bike.

Basilicata coast to coast.

Greengrocer during coffee break. 6.40am 

from Matera to Scanzano Jonico beach 

old farmer buildings on the road 

Beach of Scanzano Jonico

Pictures from Basilicata coast to coast cycling holidays in Italy. 

Prepayed reservation and booking payment system.

We receive over 15 bike rental requests/day and have over 600 customers/year. 
My company have a lot of own bikes, and from this year duplicated the number of bikes available for rent. 

I would like explain in this post the booking procedure.

Customer contact our customer service and receive in a few days the rental quote. 
After the rental quote the customer contact our customer service to close reservation and define last details like appointments, accommodation address and number phone for bike delivery/collecting. 

Bike rental reservation are considered closed after prepayed payment that our company arrange by credit card or Paypal. 

Veloce mean "FAST"

Some customers are too fast to close reservation than other. For this raison can be possible that some bike models can go to the sold out between quote and reservation request. 
Moreover can be possible that "slow" customers don't can enjoy our services because they arrive late in the closure of the booking or are forced to choose different bike model than originally desired. 

We supply bikes for rent after booking payment, like car rental companies. 

Yesterday we received a review from one customer that don't closed in time prepayed booking payment. Bikes was rented to another customer that was very fast to close payment reservation.

Our suggestion is close bike reservation when you close your flight or hotel reservations and within few days from quotation.

I'm working very hard and I'm investing money for increasing the volume of bicycles available for rent to our clients.

I would like thank all my customers for contacting and choosing my company.

Jerry de Concilio
owner at Veloce Bike Rentals
Official brand of self cycling holidays in Europe

Pick up delivery of bikes in Munich (Munchen) - Germany. Cycling from Munich to Venice along via Claudia Augusta. Von München nach Venedig mit dem Fahrrad.

bike rental - delivery at accommodation in Munich

pick up delivery and bike tuning before cycling travel 

Jerry and his customers in Munich
The Via Claudia Augusta is an ancient Roman road, which linked the valley of the Po River with Rhaetia (modern Southern Germany) across the Alps.

Today the Via Claudia Augusta is an important route used by cyclists to cross the Alps. It starts in Donauwörth (Germany) and branches near Trient into two routes. The first and historically correct route ends in Ostiglia, the second and more popular one in Venice.

Pictures from pick up delivery of bikes at Hotel Concorde in Munich. Our customers will ride with our bikes from Munich to Venice by bike.

Towns crossed during Claudia Augusta sekf cycling vacation : 
The length of the trail is approximately 500 km. As a special service there are bus shuttles that take bicycles and cyclists over both the Fern Pass and the Reschen Pass, which are the most demanding parts of the route. Few customers use to start his riding from Munich and finish in Venice.