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Frequently asked questions

Before to reserve our services please read carefully the Veloce rental terms and conditions indicated on this page.

Veloce bike rental services, logistics, delivery and collecting services are subject to customized rates upon technical features and customers destinations. Our logistics is provided in whole Italy, Europe, USA and Japan. Logistic rates depends on the logistics calendar and are dynamic. A quote could change in case you desire close the booking after the quote expires. 

To receive customized rental quote please send your request via form at this link or read more about our FAST BOOKING PROCEDURE.

When you rent a bike from our rental service you are supporting our forest: 
We plants a tree every 100€ spent by the customers on bicycle rental services to offset the CO2 emissions produced by the company during the production processes, including the delivery! 
The planted trees are certified by Tree-Nation ONG.

Customers can reserve the Veloce bike rental services by email and via form.
Reservation is closed after the company received the deposit/booking payment.
The service is provided by the company or third parts only in case the customer complete the balance payment according to the indications and deadlines indicated by the company via email or whatsapp message.
The bikes could be used by the customers only in case of complete payments and in the presence of a completed and signed contract, in all its parts.

Advanced booking is required. Click to check out complete FAST BOOKING PROCEDURE.

We accept wire transfers and main credit cards payments using main circuits. Our transactions are safe. Before agreeing any payment - the company invites the customer to read more details about our policy available in this page (cancellation/refund/payments, ecc..) and on the quote we sent by email. 

With the deposit payment/reservation payment the customer agrees terms and conditions of quotation and all terms and conditions indicated in this corporate page. We won’t accept any complain after the payment of deposit/reservation.

We offer great discounts to fast bookings made in advance. Book services a season in advance and receive discount on rental rates (while stocks last). With these great savings you'll be sure to save money as well as secure your ideal bicycle rental with our company. Special offers are variable upon logistics and rental calendars and they're proposed on the rental quotation. 

Our services are available for adults and minors in good health conditions and capable to ride bicycles in Italy, USA and Japan. Minors can ride only with the presence and under supervision of adults and/or parents. For kids until 25kgs our company can supply seat for kid built under UNI EN European Safety Standards, installed on rear rack.

Our company provides the accessories kit including premium spare inner tubes and repair kit. In case of puncture customer can use spare inner tubes included in our Kit provided with bikes.

Our bikes are provided in perfect mechanical conditions, by signing the contract the customer declares that the bicycles have been delivered and supplied in perfect mechanical condition, right in size, in perfect mechanical conditions, without apparent and obvious defects and signs of wear, suitable for the use for which they were rented, conform to the category shown in the rental quote with technical features comply with the required usage for which they are rented. 

We work with a network of mechanical shops in whole Italy and others European country covered by rental services. In case of mechanical issues customer can contact our help line to be supported in repair activities in one of our local partners.

Customer service during the rental is provided by Whatsapp and email during office's working time, from 9 am to 1pm and from 3pm to 7 pm.

In these cases the customer will pay directly the repair to the shop and the company will refund the amount. Note, the customer needs to save the receipts and provide them  to company. Each repair must be approved by the company (no refund for customer's initiative).

Our company loves safety. That's why we provide, on demand and without surcharge helmets and high visibility jackets. The use of helmet isn't obligatory by Italian road code. The use of high visibility jacket is mandatory from 30 minuts after sunset until 30 minuts before sunrise, on 'extraurbane' roads and galleries. Customer is the only one responsible for the use of the bikes and safety equipment supplied by the company. Bikes are provided without pedals or on demand with flat pedals. Moreover on demand we can provide special installation for own customer's pedals (look, keo, shimano, ecc.) and/or own saddle. Shimano spd, spd-sl or look keo pedals could be provided for a fee. 

To know how transport bikes on trains in Italy we invite our customers to read the page of Trenitalia train Italian train company: https://www.trenitalia.com/en/services/travelling_with_yourbike.html

Our bikes aren't unlimited, we work while stocks last.
When the customer contact the customer service will receives the rental quote in a few days, sometimes we could be very busy for this reason to receive a fast reply we suggest to contact us via Whatsapp.

At time of reservation the customer must indicate some important details like accommodation addresses,  rental dates from/to, whatsapp phone number and the height in cm of cyclists. 

Bike rental reservations are considered closed only when the company receives the deposit and related information required (accommodation addresses, rental dates from/to, whatsapp phone number and the height in cm of cyclists)

With deposit payment the customer accept rates, total amount of supply and other conditions indicated by the quotation and in this FAQ page. Please, again, read them before accept and pay the deposit/reservation. The Company won’t accept any complain after the payment of deposit/reservation.

Some customers are faster to close reservation than others. That's why it can be possible that some bike models would be sold out between quote and reservation request. Moreover it can be possible that "slower" customers can't enjoy our services because they arrive late in the closure of the booking or are forced to choose different bike model than the ones originally desired. 

Our suggestion is to close the rental reservation when you book your flight or hotel reservations and as soon as possible after received the quote from the Company, before expiration date of quotation (generally 3 or 5 days). 

After the quote's expiration the Company has the faculty to apply new rates than the ones indicated in original/first quotation. 
Cancellation for reasons not dependent on our company or customers (Covid-19/major force/flights cancellation): the Company provides the freezing of the deposit, with creation of voucher without expiration date, for future rentals to be agreed with the Company in Italy and in the countries covered by its logistics services.

The deposit isn't refundable: in case of cancellation before the balance payment, the company doesn't refund the deposit/booking payments. 

No refund in case of cancellation after the full payment. 

No refund in case of cancellation or return (also partial) of goods before the last rental days agreed at time of reservation and/or by the rental contract.

No refund on return of goods before the time designed by the reservation and/or the rental contract or for partial use due to non-controllable by the Company (bad weather, mechanical issues, ecc).

No refund of the deposit in case the customer don't complete the balance payment before the delivery of the bikes or according to the indications and deadlines indicated by the company via email or whatsapp message. 

Change of dates could be required by the customer via email up to 14 days before first rental day. At time of deposit payment customers must indicate all details of rental in order to allow the company to plan rentals and logistics calendars. 

In absence of complete information at time of reservation payment (height of cyclists in cm, frame geometry preferences, ladies/gentlemen specification, GPS coordinates and complete address of delivery and collecting, mobile phone details, housekeeper contact details, ecc.) the Company will have faculty to consider customer in default and to cancel the rental service reservation upon our cancellation policy. No refund in case of incomplete data and information provided by the customer. No refund in case of customer default (neither deposit neither balance).

In case of cancellations by the customer or due the customer default, on demand, the Company has the faculty to freeze the deposit, with the creation of voucher without expiration date, to be used by the customer for future rentals (to be agreed with the Company) in Italy and in the countries covered by its logistics services

The balance payment must be arranged by the customer 14 days before rental, by wire transfer or Revolut link. Contrariwise the Company could have the faculty to cancel the rental service without refund deposit payment and without give communication to the customer. 

The service is provided by the company or third parts only in case the customer complete the balance payment according to the payment modality indications and deadlines indicated by the company via email or whatsapp message. 

In the absence of communications from the company about balance payment modality and deadlines, the payment rule will be: the balance payment must be completed 14 days before the delivery date.

With the payment of the reservation the customer chooses the bike category. With the rental the company can provide bike models from categories showed in the rental quote or other models from same categories or with similar/better features from other brands because bikes are subject to our logistics calendar and purchase of new bikes. 

Our logistics calendar is dinamic and changes every day. On demand, few days before the rental the Company communicates effective models (from  the category booked by the customer) that will be delivered during the pick up. At the delivery the customer will sign a paper contract, declaring that bikes and goods provided by the company are conform to the category agreed in rental quote and with booking/balance payment and that technical features are comply with required usage for which their are rented. Claims will not be accepted after the delivery, pick up and/or the use also partial of the bike/s and goods provided by the Company.

Customer can choose to enjoy our services in different ways. 
Pick up and return of bikes and accessories at our affiliated stores if possible or with pick up, delivery and collecting under appointment at railway stations, airports or accommodations, partners shops - also in different towns. This service is available in whole Italian country and in 15 European countries. In case of your accommodation located traffic limited/restricted zone you should match an appointment with the driver outside the access control cameras. 

Please, ask you hotel or host if they have a place to storage the bike /bikes before booking.

Sometimes during the year our logistics service is busy and the delivery/collecting activities could be subject to the traffic conditions and other deliveries/collecting activities planned for the day. Our goal is guarantee the punctuality in logistics: 99% of our pick up/delivery activities are provided on time. 

During the peak season, when deliveries are peak, our logistics may be very busy. For this reason, in some cases, to guarantee the punctuality of the rental services, our company could organize the delivery of the bicycles in advance of the rental start date and in some cases to collect the bicycles after the rental end date. At no extra cost. 

For this reason, customers are invited, before booking our rental service, to check with their accommodation the willingness to accept and store bicycles before check-in and after check-out. In this case it is customary for the customer to independently install the pedals, set up the saddle, etc.

The customer with the booking accept that the company isn't responsible in case of eventual delay in delivery/collecting activities. 

Bicycles are usually delivered after 10 a.m. Delivery time depends on our logistic calendar, traffic conditions and contingent accidents. In case you need the bicycles before 10.00 a.m. we kindly suggest you to reserve your bike starting the rental the day before. 

It won’t be provided any refund on daily rental fares for a partial use of the bicycles due to our logistic calendar/delay on delivery timing. 

The delivery is confirmed and scheduled only in case of complete payment, unless otherwise specified by the company. We won’t accept any complain after the payment of deposit/reservation, read carefully the Faqs page and the quote the customer care sent you.

During the rental period the customer is responsible for thefts, loss or damages (also partial) to the goods provided for rent by the company. The company is not responsible in the event of delays, losses or changes to customer holiday or for the partial use of the bicycle due to mechanical failures not attributable to the company, unforeseeable or due to the natural wear and tear of the bicycles

Passport and credit card are required at time of pick up to fill out the rental agreement and to guarantee goods provided for rent by the company.

On request the company can provide a damage insurance clause option. 

Company process personal customers data for the only internal use in according to Decreto Legislativo 30 giugno 2003, n. 196. The personal data keeper, controller and manager is the Gennaro de Concilio.

With the deposit payment the customer agrees the company, according changes of market or internal production needs, has the faculty to change policy and terms indicated in this page without give communication to the customers.

Before leave your country our company suggest to sign an additional travel insurance coverage with your trust insurance company.

We may change our FAQ's notice from time to time. When we do change this notice we will update this page to reflect the changes.

Last updated October 2023
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