" Veloce Bike Rental: June 2010

another satisfaction ....

I have received this SMS from our clients in Treviso .... : "Bikes are in hotel now. We will be out at 8pm so just ask at reception. Thanks Jerry - Bikes were perfect" !!!.

my satisfaction ....

Today I had a surprise....
Opening the corporate email I read an alert from the blog of my client that in this days riding with our bikes from Bologna to Florence.

This the surprise and my satisfaction ....

in this pictures you can see the work and the relax of our bikes :)

the blogstore of my wife

Hello to everyone,
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Thank you very much for your time,
cheers !
Jerry de Concilio

Courtesy bike in case of theft

Thank's to technologie our customer service is open 16 hours/ day (italian time).
Sunday our customers told us with Facebook that one of our bicycles had been stolen in the city of Bologna. Bologna and Ferrara are famous for bike thefts.
In case of theft the customer is responsible for the economic value of the bicycle calculated at the time of the event. We noticed that generally our clients plan their travel and every minute is very precious.
In this case we have helped our clients : at 10.30pm of Sunday mr. Jerry, the owner of our shop, have delivered (from Venice to Bologna) a courtesy bike.
We love cuddle our customers

our affectionate customers

Today we have delivered in Bologna 2 bikes to our affectionate customers that in this period riding by bike around Italian country. They have known our services in past winter, when we have rented 4 bikes around Venice region. This is their blog of italian adventure.

too much air in the tube

when you take our bikes, please not inflate too much with the air compressor of petrol station because i had to replace big number of rims .... In fact when you go into a bumpy road ... you can deform the rim because you have too much air in the tube (in this mode the tube does not absorb the stresses :)
thank you for the patience ...

where stay near Venice - accomodations in Venice

Today I have received an email from my client that wrote :

"If we don't stay at hotel in Venice is it still possible for us to reenter Venice to do some sightseeing? I have heard that Venice is so overwhelmed by tourists that Venetians are leaving in droves and that this has promted the city to take steps to limit the tourist traffic. One of these steps, I have heard, is to only allow tourists who have accomodations in Venice to enter the city; day-trippers would not be allowed in. Is this true? I'd be interested in any insight you might have on this situation."

Attention : this news is FALSE !!!
Venice is opened to all people also if don't stay at hotels of this town !

corporate social responsibility program.

In this period we have checked the presence in our area of new company born to offer cycling holidays and rental bike services.

We noticed, from the pictures of bikes included in their web site, that this company offer rental services of bicycles made in china and built without European Standards (UNI EN).

Our company, in compliance with our policy, rent only bikes and accessories built under European Standards (UNI EN) and delivered in perfect conditions.

The policy of our company is founded on quality of bikes and of related services, in compliance with our corporate social responsibility program.

This philosophy has brought us great satisfactions over time and many award in masters post-graduate at Italian Universities as a business model company for sustainable development.

Working on booking activities.

Spring and summer months are for us the increased workload period. In effect in this weeks we are working to fix booking of our services.

Some examples of support to our clients :
  • rental bike services with delivery at your hotel/airport/railway stations (in this mode you can safe your time), available polyvalent, road, city and mountain bike models.
  • shipment services : we have special partnership with UPS, we can help you to ship your souvenir to your home (after your travel in Italy by bike we can also ship your bike to your home with our special boxes)
  • Transfer : in exceptional cases we can accompany cyclists to the airport (generally this support is available when the tourist ship his bicycle to home with our company).
  • Storage : we can store your bags, bikes and more if you have in program to continue customized travel .
  • Rowing Boat rental services : we have introduced this new service in cooperation with Villa Olanda - from today you can arrange your ride on rowing boat in Brenta River Canal, near watermill of Dolo and to the lagoon of Venice with the surrounding of antique venetian villas.
Remember our twitter channel : http://twitter.com/rentalbike

Our twitter channel can be used to request informations and for be in realtime connected with our customer service.

We love your passion !
Jerry de Concilio

You are welcome.