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Ostia Antica - Ostia Lido and Tiber by bike - paths, routes and itineraries

Roman ruins

If you start yor travel to Italy from Rome we advise you "Ostia Antica, Ostia Lido and Tiber areas itineraries".
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Ostia Lido Tourist Port

Not far from the center of Rome, Ostia is a residential area, the capital's beach, and a well-known "Tourist Port" with moorings for boats from 8 to 60 metres in length.

It also contains many Roman ruins, dating back to the days when Ostia served as Rome's port (a function now taken over by Civitavecchia). Ostia Antica is one of Lazio's major attractions, less crowded and, for some, its ruins are more enjoyable than those of Pompeii.

So if you can't make it down to Pompeii don't worry. Just head out to Ostia.
Italy might be a Catholic country, but you won't detect any religious conservatism in the skimpy bikinis on display here. There's a carnival atmosphere, with dance halls, cinemas, and pizzerias.

The Lido is set off best at Castelfusano, against a backdrop of pinewoods, which provide the summer residence of the President of Italy.
This stretch of shoreline is referred to as the Roman Riviera.
If you're flying out of Fiumicino, this town is a good stopover for the night before and You can return your rental car if need be, and catch a cab for a few minute, few kilometer ride to the airport, and forget about the trains and the traffic from Rome.

Ostia is a place available for all touristic necessities but especially for riding by bike around this area....

see the Ostia Antica Frescoes in the New York Times Slideshow

Bike hire shop in Rome : we have powered our service for your cycling holidays in Rome. Our capital city by bike.

Rome by bike

From today we have powered our rental bicycle services enhancing our investments in Rome areas.

Anyone know that our shop work (thank to our great logistics networks) to whole Italian Country.

From today, with our shop, you can start your cycling holidays from Rome.

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Our Corporate Social Responsibility :
For any weekly rent our company will donate 5 euros to Karibu non profit organization for support his projects in African country.






Through Soccer and Cycling

More friend know that our rental bike shop working for create a new itinerant exposition.
I want thank you my friend Umberto for our personal and professional confront about the evolution of my companies, social responsibility and other activities of my professional group.
Our company working for create a new communication channel dedicated to this exposition.
This our new work will communicate only with official channels and will not divulge more in this Blog that is dedicated to cycling holidays.

We have decide the name of Exposition, will be :

Through Soccer and Cycling
"The Italian elegance : from 1950 to the Dolce Vita, the history narrated by soccer and cycling"

Coming soon we will communicate the links
dedicated to the new communication channels of exposition

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Thank you very much for your attention and support !

Riding by bike around Ravello - Amalfi Coast : Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer

Today the inauguration of

If you would like ride with our bicycles around
Amalfi Coast
please contact

We have select the name of our travelling exposition

We have select the name of our travelling exposition

“The Italian elegance from 1950 to the Dolce Vita, narrated by soccer and cycling”

Coming soon in Venice

Our customer from Canada direct to Amalfi Coast and Calabria coasts

Today a Canadian customer have book a road bike for 5 weeks, with low costs fee.
Mr. Miguel come in Italy for ride by bike around Amalfi Coast and Calabria Coasts region.
Will start and end his travel from "Le Stanze dei Vicerè" in Naples.

Our bike will be delivered (pick up & drop off) directly at the hotel with our UPS logistics partner : we have check a big availability from Le Stanze dei Vicerè Hotel.

Amalfi Coast

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history and customs of Italy by 1950 to 1962 narrated by the cycling and football history

Our shop want inform that actually's working on new initiative : the traveling exhibition devoted to the history and customs of Italy by 1950 to 1962 narrated by the cycling and football history.
This exhibition will be under the patronage of Italian Institutions and Italian Cycling & Football Federations. The first stage will be in Venice - Italy : Coming soon more informations on this blog.
We are searching new museums and international sporting or cultural associations that are interested to accept in their country our exhibition.
a pleasant video dedicated to the owner from an customer ;-)

Connecting people for rapid assistance

Our policy 's supply quality services and fast assistance.
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congress made in Venice

This morning our company have participate at the congress made in Venice dedicated to the future development of worldwide markets, by Confindustria Venice and Treviso Industrial Associations, where we are associated.

In this conference was talk about product diversification and business Internationalization, with the presence of Italian Institutions, Industrial Associations, labor unions, consultants and small, medium and big industries.
Our small company have an international and multicultural model and aims to develop every his business section: rental bike services, cycling holidays, special services for the tourism, logistics and shipping services for the tourism and for industries, export of made in Italy products, synergies between tourists and local small business companies and more...
From this year we have create a masterplan work and we have extend our service in whole Italian country and to Slovenia and Croatia countries.

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looking at the statistics we feel that it has enhanced the visits ....

we monitors our reports and automatically alerts of significant changes in data patterns.

Advertising Campaign : Cycling Holidays in Italy

Today we have start our Google Advertising activities.
We promote our service on the world wide web thanks the Ad Words campaigns under Google service channels.
Our campaign will last until the end of February and are placed on over 500 web sites devoted to the cycling and tourism.

Another step to the sportswriting's museum (cycling and soccer)

Yesterday we have work hard for build in Italy a new sportswriting's museum dedicated to the cycling and football from 1950 to 1962 years.
In effect I have inherited a collection of old newspapers dedicated to football and cycling, the name of newspaper is "Calcio e Ciclismo Illustrato".

Yesterday I have call the editing office of this newspaper and the national museum of football in Coverciano (I have talk with Mr Fino Fini, the past doctor of Italian Footbal Team).

The national museum of football and the ediding office of this newspaper don't have possession of historical materials similar to our.

We have inform the tourism area by Industrial Association of Venice and the Italian Cycling Federation for study a great masterplan of cooperation .

For this raison we want push to this direction : creation of new museum in Venice region dedicated to this historical materials.

1930's picture of Vèlo Club Napoli... our origins

Today I have find this picture in my historical archive, from 1930's. In this picture you see the members of Vèlo Club Napoli Sporting Association. This is the first cycling group in Naples (Italy).

Another step to the growth, another step to the future !

From today I would like express in this blog, not only our services offerings, but also the membership life and activities of our company in Industrial Association of Venice.

In fact our membership goes beyond the traditional reality of trade union unity among industries with common interest.

My life has been characterized by associations membership.
My first position was in the 2005, the membership in a Bod at the Young Entrepreneurs Association "Confapi in Naples".

Associative entrepreneurial choices must be adjusted under the operative territory and markets necessities.

After the evolution of our company we want express our thanks and congratulations to the associative structure where we are member with our business activities : Confindustria Venezia.

Another step to the growth, another step to the future !

The Wine Road of the Pisan hills

We are working for upload paths, routes and itineraries around Pisan Chianti Areas.
The Wine Road of the Pisan hills runs along the Pisan hills, touching the most enchanting and interesting areas of Tuscany region.

This route is included inside at a geographical area with a wine strong vocation.
The landscape view is characterized by vineyards, wineries, but also scenic, cultural, grastronomic and historical sites.
The tourists are welcome !

Our shop and "La Strada del Vino" signals to tourists and visitors where to find hospitality and welcome, mostly farm, making information services available and ensuring that businesses and the realities members meet certain quality standards.

The cycling itinerary of the Pisan Hills Wine Route can be followed every season, reaching the following municipalities: Fauglia, Lorenzana, Crespina, Lari, Cascina Terme, Chianni, Terricciola, Capannoli, Peccioli, Palaia, Montopoli Val d 'Arno, San Miniato.

Entire route, well marked by appropriate signage indicating also wine producers from "visit" is easily negotiated either by car or by bike for those who love cycling.

From gentle plains switch to secular and wooded hills, with the changing seasons, characterize the landscape of striking effects. The road can be considered an ideal location where you combine the pleasure tasting of wines of the Pisan hills with a visit villages rich in history.

Please contact our customer service for more informations about holidays and cycling holidays around Pisan Hills.
Booking your bike and organize your holidays in Italy !