Veloce Bike Rental: April 2011

Bike collecting in Pise after cycling holidays in Chianti - Tuscany

Jerry with his customers during drop off bike collecting in Pise, after the cycling holidays in Chianti - Tuscany - Italy
Jerry de Concilio
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Our brand and our logistics.

This is an important moment for me. Our brand grows day by day... and we need to share this...
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Bicycles for rent in Trieste, riding along Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.

Today we have delivered at B&B Residenza le 6 A in Trieste 2 hybrid touring bikes. Our customers have read about our company in the Lonely Planet Italy Guide and will ride along the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.

During our cycling excursion along wine roads of Benevento region : lunch at Farmhouse

Jerry with his customers during the cycling and walking shore excursion at the local farmhouse along wine and archaeological roads in Benevento area, Campania region - Italy, close to Sorrento, Amalfi coast and Pompeii areas.

Where rent a bike in Pise ?

Today two customers from UK and Ireland have picked up our bicycles (with bags and accessories) at their room in Pise. Their route include riding in whole Chianti region. We have stored their 3 luggages at our shop, we will return this at the end of rental period. Bikes and cycling holidays in Italy for very ordinary people !
Jerry de Concilio
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Best pizzeria in Naples

I'm at Fratelli La Bufala restaurant pizzeria in Naples, along Mergellina seafront.
I'm born in Naples and after 33 years of my life I can confirm that this is best neapolitan pizza !
Jerry de Concilio
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The beach of Furore's fiord from, view from the bridge.

During the summer this beach is full and people come by boat from the sea for swim in the esmerald water..
Jerry de Concilio
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The famous Fiord of Furore, Esmerald grotto and diving competition

During our cycling tour we have ridden along the esmerald grotto and the famous fiord of Furore where every year we have a diving competition. Professional divers go down from this bridge in to the sea that in this point of the fiord is deep around 30 meters...
Jerry de Concilio
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Spaghetti time!

My wife Cinzia (the van driver) during the lunch in Amalfi restaurant ;)
Jerry de Concilio
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Restaurant in Amalfi

Lunch at our restaurant partner in Amalfi, terrace on the esmerald sea...
Jerry de Concilio
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Shopping break moment in Amalfi main road

Bikes parked during the shopping break moment of our customers in Amalfi
Jerry de Concilio
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Cycling excursion, Sulfurian water sources along wine roads of Benevento area

This is the archaeological sulfurian water source of Telese baths....during our cycling tour along the wine roads and farmhouses of Benevento region...

Jerry de Concilio
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Fausto Coppi monument in Amalfi Coast, Italy - world heritage site .

The first stop from Agerola was at the Fausto Coppi monument. In this place the Campionissimo have ridden in Giro d'Italia competition of 1960. After the explanation of cycling history and about building of this monument in 1960 by the famous neapolitan newspaper 'il mattino' we continue our riding directly to the main square of the Amalfi....all this by bike on the downhill roads...very easy for ordinary people !
In compliance with our corporate social responsibility policy we are at work for support the restoration project of this monument. We believe that this momument have the same relevance of Bellagio and Ghisallo's Coppi monument, for the history and for the magnificient world heritage location of Amalfi Coast.
Jerry de Concilio
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Our cycling excursion in Amalfi coast

In this last experience we have extended our daily cycling excursion to the Agerola village. We have started to ride in this small town where we have seen Amalfi from the hill and ridden down by bike to Amalfi...
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The castle of Avella, close Pompeii, Italy.

This is the Castle. From this site you can see, with good weather condition, the sea and Procida island...
Close this castle we have local restaurant where we will accompany our customers to eat local typical products...
Jerry de Concilio
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Vesuvius view from the castle of Avella

With the support of local association and institution in this afternoon I have explored the Vesuvius plain to the Castle of Avella village. This is the view of the plain from the ancient castle.
Jerry de Concilio
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Meeting with the mayor of Saviano village, in Vesuvius plain.

In compliance with our sustainable corporate policy this afternoon, after that our American customers have leaved to their home, I have continued my work, including the meeting with mayor of Saviano village and exploration of Vesuvius plain. The mayor is the girl in this picture, in this village the police ride by bike and our company are at work for study and launch new historical and archaeological cycling itineraries along this area... Coming soon we will publish new pdf cycling packages and daily excursions...that will be integrated with the routes of Amalfi coast.
Jerry de Concilio
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Chalet in Pompeii

This is the typical chalet in Pompeii. This chalet is placed in the right of square near primary entry of archaeological site (amphiteatheater entry). This small bar is on the square, fron to the entry (not near the door). Afther the walking excursion in archaeological site I suggest to have a break at this small bar where you can taste typical neapolitan coffee or lemonade of Sorrenti maked by Mr. Mirco.
Jerry de Concilio
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Amalfi coast and Sorrento shore excursions

Today our American customers have ridden by bike from Agerola village (placed on the top of the coast) down to the sea in Amalfi town and to the fiord of Furore village, to Positano direction.
Jerry de Concilio
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Private museum of nautic craftmade models

In Amalfi for a small fee you can visit this original museum where Mr. Giuseppe have henrited the passion for build craftmade boats and boat models. We must save this side of Amalfi's history. Amalfi is not only commerce on main road and square. For further information please feel free to contact Jerry.
Jerry de Concilio
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Sorrento - and Amalfi coast by bike to Cetara and Positano directions.

The shirt of our customers, during their stay in Sorrento Coast. After this experience have moved to Amalfi Coast where we have our logistic farmhouse and daily cycling excursions to Cetara or Positano direction, included lunch at restaurant with complete meal and Italian prosecco, falanghina or greco di tufo wines.
Jerry de Concilio
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Cycling around Benevento wine roads and bath

After the visit at Benedectine abbey and lunch at the farmhouse we have visited by bike the Grassano Naturalistic Park in Benevento area and nearby Telese old bath (roman era)... with his sulfurian the end of day we have moved to our logistic farmhouse in Amalfi coast where our customers had a dinner with local products of the farmer.
Jerry de Concilio
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The magnificient Amalfi Coast : daily cycling sightseeing

Another entry in That'sAmoreMAG about the magnificient Costiera Amalfitana.

Jerry and his customer from New Zealand after daily cycling excursion from Venice to Padua

This Sunday we have helped our customers from New Zealand in their daily cycling excursion from Venice to Padua and back.
We have rented our hybrid bikes (unisex frame) and collected this at the end of the day. This service is available year-round and booking is required.

Our road bikes, flat and drop bar.

Enjoy our road bikes, customizable rental services in whole Italy, year-round.

Garbage problem of Naples, suggestions.

Cyclically the city of Naples live a characteristic problem : the slowdown collecting of garbage. This town is one of largest cities of Italy, with over 2,800 years of architectural and archaeological history. In Naples and surrounding areas (province) lives until 5 million of people.
Normally I don't love hide the problems of Italian cities, I love to give to the tourists all information and try to explain for understand why sometime this can be possible.
This city has evolved too fast without an urban plan and without preliminary building of incinerators, landfills and composting plants - and I believe that the garbage is a great business for companies and local institutions. This is my point of view.
For this raison when we receive in this area bicycle rental or cycling excursions requests we love to give all information and / or accompany personally our customers in the right sides and quarters of this town, where don't have the garbage on the roads and crime.
Normally this can be possible in elegant and rich quarters. But we want also show, on demand, the wrong sides, safely.
Sometime on can read about robbery or thefts in Naples. Is the same of other cities. An example : two of our bikes was stolen only in Bologna town, not in Naples. Normally, we suggest to ride without valuable, if you want you can put in to the safe at hotel room your rolex or other valuables.
Naples is a most beautiful and great city of Italy (after Rome) , if you can visit this town, please accept my suggestion to visit this.
I'm born in Naples and when I think to this reality, I believe that some sides of this town is like other poor cities in the world.
The nearby Amalfi coast and Sorrento bay, for example, don't have this problems.

Hutchinson tyres and inner tubes on our road bikes.

Our road bikes (flat and drop bar models) uses Hutchinson tyres and inner tubes.

day of bicycle in Italy, 8th May - the experience of Saviano village, 20 minuts close to Naples

This is the picture of first day of bicycle in Saviano, a small village located under the shadow of Vesuvius volcano, 20 minuts close to Naples.

Also this year the Mayor of Saviano have arranged this holiday.

Will be Sunday and our company will participate this holiday with local people and with some customers coming from Australia for visit the nearby Amalfi coast.

During the cycling tour of surrounding area the riders can have a break and eat food offered by the organization.

If you are interested to this riding tour with our company, please feel free to contact

link to the official web site of day of bicycle created by Italian Environmental Ministery.

Giro d'Italia 2011 : the spot !

Enjoy the official promo video of Giro d'Italia 2011. Read further information of this event in the official web site.

Riding in Italy with own pedals and shoes

Our customers can ride with own pedals and shoes.
For this raison our company can receive and send (for a small fee) packages from/to overseas countries and install this in rented bikes.

Twinning between farmhouses and wineries of Vesuvius and Veneto areas, tasting experience in your cycling excursions!

owners and local handmade products

Has born the twinning between "the Farm Winery Tirone" of Vesuvius area and The "Pigno in Affi", close to Verona. A combination of taste by Campania and Veneto regions, protagonists in a package tour where the beauty local environmental accompany the flavors.
"The project - says Sandro Acuna - marketing manager of Wineries Podere del Tirone in Trecase village - was tested for a year with on the German tourist market, with tastings combined and unique itineraries from the Veneto Campania."

The protagonists of this tasting experience can taste the wines of Campania (Lacryma Christi doc, Falanghina of Vesuvius and the Taurasi DOCG), but also eat neapolitan handmade pasta with "Piennolo of Vesuvius", the tomato of this region.
But also the typical rabbit with wild honey and beer and various meats of the Veneto region.

"Germans and Belgians were impressed by the products of Vesuvius - says Laura Carraro, the manager of the farm Pigno Affi - the combination of the dishes followed by guided tours, giving to the customers to continue from the Veneto the deepening of an area as beautiful as the Campania; Creating a single route between North and South aimed at promotion of the territory"

The itinerary features provide mainly in a combination of kitchen between the two structures. The offer is unique, with overnight stays in both zones, include cultural exchanges the organization of joint events in the two structures, highlighting the typical products from Campania and Veneto.

the wineyard under Vesuvius volcano

Our company can include this tasting activities after the visit at Pompeii archaeological site.If you are interested to include this experience in your daily cycling excursion or cycling holidays (Vesuvius and/or Veneto) , please feel free to contact :
News from
Luisa Del Sorbo by 30NODI Publishing & Communication

Another cycling excursion close to Venice, Padua and Ferrara

Hello to everyone,
Today I would share with readers of this corporate blog and with my customers new products dedicated to daily excursions market for everyone.

This is the cycling excursion along right bank of Po river, close to Venice, Ferrara and Padua, near the delta mouth in adriatic sea. Enjoy and share this slides. Thank you very much for your attention and time,

Travelling the wine road of Trentino Alto Adige

The wine road of Trentino (or Sudtiroler weinstrasse) is a special path that can be ridden by bicycle. Is a combination between sightseeing and tasting activities of local wine and food. We suggest to ride from Trento to Bolzano direction or along the Adige valley from Lago di Garda.

Handcycles excursions and holidays in Italy, our services.

In cooperation with your personal travel agents we can arrange customizable cycling excursions and holidays in whole Italy for people that ride handcycles. We can project and manage all their necessities, from logistic support to transfer services, from bike shipping services to the suggestion of accommodations, from cycling guide and customizable routes to mechanical assistance

130 miles of cycling paths between Ferrara, Padua and Venice

Some shots of our exploration in right riverbank area between Ferrara, Padua and Venice towns.

Save your time with our pick up and bike return services

We believe that the time of our customers is precious.

For this raison we have studied new service :
  • customized pick up and return of bikes at your hotel, airport or railway station.
For further information about prices feel free to contact our customer service or Jerry.

Bike hire service in Mirano, near Venice, Padua and Treviso

This morning we have delivered our bicycle in private villa in Mirano, near Venice. In this pic our customer from USA with our bicycles during pick up delivery.

Customized cycling routes near Venice, Padua and Treviso.

Today we have helped our American customers to arrange customized cycling excursion in Venice area with the use of our bike rental service.
The small group ride with our bicycles (and child seats) around old canals, enjoy italian ice cream, visit ancient watermill in Dolo, magnificient Villa Pisani and museum of made in Italy shoes in Stra village.

Insurance options : theft and damages.

The customer can close with our company a theft and/or damage insurance contract.

  • The theft insurance cover the value of new bike and include the delivery of courtesy bike in Italian country within 24 hours (bike model available at the moment of theft).
  • The damage insurance cover the value of repairing damages caused to the bike by the customer. This option cover mechanical damages on the road : the customer can get the repair in to nearest bike shop at the expense of the company.

Booking 2012 season.

From some days people have asked us to book bicycles for May 2012. Our offer is ever proportional to the services required by our customers. We are at work for grow our services and happy to share this information with our readers.
Have a great experience in Italy with us!
Jerry de Concilio