" Veloce Bike Rental: 2012

Climb Stelvio pass from Prato allo Steklvio

Few pictures taken by our company during Stelvio pass climb daily cycling excursion. 

little boy climb Stelvio pass with his father

view of Stelvio pass from the peak

view of European Alps from peak of Stelvio pass

climbing the Stelvio pass

Australian customers from Milan to Venice by bicycle.

Few photos taken at the end of cycling holidays in Italy of our Australian customers that travelled with our bike for rent from Milan (where we delivered bicycles at accommodation) to Venice where we arranged collecting and delivered back luggages (temporarily stored for whole rental period at our headquarter shop). 

Information, quote and reservation please contact jerry@rentalbikeitaly.com

arrival of our customers in Venice Piazzale Roma

our panniers with Australian flag

Customer donate Australian flag to Jerry, the owner

satisfaction of Jerry's customer at the end of his cycling travel

Enjoy Basilicata, the real face of one of most beautiful regions of Italy by cantforget.it

Today we want share with our readers this videos published by cantforget.it a viral project born in Italy and developed by young photographers, bloggers, video makers, movers and shakers in the new media. All under 35. 

We was very impressed by the beauty of contents of this video where is possible watch the real face of  Basilicata, one of most beautiful regions of Italian country. 

We love to arrange cycling vacation packages in this area.

If you are interested to enjoy with us by bike this landscapes and to wath the Giro at finish line in Matera we suggest to check our calling for 8th May 2013

thanks to DigitalDiaryItaly channel for embed authorization

Introducing cycling excursions and vacations packages along the Giro Italia 2013 challenge

Corporate video presentation of daily cycling excursions and customized vacation packages arranged by our company along the Giro d'Italia stages. This video was recorded at the finish line of Zoncolan stage of Giro 2011 where enjoyed daily cycling climb excursion with transfer from/to Venice/Treviso area.  

Information and reservations requests about 2013 Giro excursions, please contact jerry@rentalbikeitaly.com

Things to do in Amalfi and Sorrento coast : guided shore cycling excursion.

Few pictures taken during our guided cycling excursions along the panoramic and safe roads of Amalfi coast, suggested if you are looking for shore excursions in Amalfi, Positano and Sorrento. On demand customized transfer services. Booking required

Jerry, the owner, and his customers 

stop and tasting of mozzarella at local farmhouse in Amalfi coast

riding along the panoramic and safe roads

welcome to Amalfi

Introducing road bike rental in Monterosso al Mare, Cinqueterre.

Photos selection on the road to Monterosso al Mare, Cinqueterre, taken during pick up delivery at accommodation of Bianchi high quality road bike for rent

a small village on the road to Monterosso al mare - Cinqueterre

our bike and Monterosso al Mare - Cinqueterre

beach in Levanto

Introducing the cycling route of Via Claudia Augusta roman road.

via Claudia Augusta


The Via Claudia Augusta is an ancient Roman road, which linked the valley of the Po River with Rhaetia (modern Southern Germany) across the Alps.

Today the Via Claudia Augusta is an important route used by cyclists to cross the Alps. It starts in Donauwörth (Germany) and branches near Trient into two routes. The first and historically correct route ends in Ostiglia, the second and more popular one in Venice.

Towns crossed during Claudia Augusta sekf cycling vacation : 
Füssen (Germany)
St. Valentin (Austria)
alternatively Trento - Feltre - Altino - Venice (Italy).

The length of the trail is approximately 500 km. As a special service there are bus shuttles that take bicycles and cyclists over both the Fern Pass and the Reschen Pass, which are the most demanding parts of the route. Few customers use to start his riding from Munich and finish in Venice.

our customer along the Claudia Augusta route

Introducing the bike lane to reach Venice - Italy

We are happy to communicate that Venice Municipality gave OK to convert the sidewalk of Ponte della Libertà bridge in a bike lane optimized to joint - by cycling mobility - the town of Mestre to Piazzale Roma square in the old town of Venice in the lagoon. 

Today Mestre is covered by about 100kms of cycling lanes and is possible reach Venice by bicycle  (or vice versa) using the sidewalk of the Ponte della Libertà bridge, out of the roadway. 

Piazzale Roma is the point of Venice town in lagoon where our company use to pick up and collect bikes rented by our customers. 

With this works the sidewalk will be restored and illuminated with an innovative LED system  over to be optimized for the use of cycling mobility. 

The bike lane stretches for about six kilometers away from Pacinotti street in Mestre to Piazzale Roma square in venice. 

Venice Municipality official web site with the complete news in Italian language.  


few pictures of new bike lane under construction between Venice and Mestre

cycling lane that joint Mestre and Venice

current state of maintenance of sidewalk on Ponte Libertà bridge

project of sidewalk optimization and illumination for cycling mobility

Intoroducing Vesuvius volcano climbing guided excursion.

Photos taken during one of our frst cycling explorations to the crater of Vesuvius volcano

Our company provide daily cycling excursion packages to the crater of Vesuvius volcano in 2 versions :
  • road bike rental and guide service on the road (on demand transfer services and team car support) 
  • mtb climbing along off road paths with authorization of national park and forestry police. 

Advanced booking required. 
Information and requests to jerry@rentalbikeitaly.com


graffiti along the route the crater of vesuvius volcano

hairpin bend on the road to crater of Vesuvius volcano

a puclinella statue mask on the road to the crater of Vesuvius volcano

the crater of Vesuvius volcano, view from the road

hairpin bend on the road to crater of Vesuvius volcano

hairpin bend on the road to crater of Vesuvius volcano

the crater of Vesuvius volcano, view from the road

the lava river between Vesuvius volcano and Monte Somma mountain

last km of the road to Vesuvius crater

Jerry, the owner, at the end of climbing of Vesuvius volcano at the crater

Things to do in Naples - Italy : cycling the phlegrean bay - cruise and shore excursions.

Photos taken in February, long time ago during our first cycling exploration of phlegrean coast in the gulf of Naples from which we created shore daily excursions packages. 

With our company is possible : 
  • rent high quality or high end bikes at our shop in Naples and enjoy self cycling tour along this area (with maps or GPS support) 
  • enjoy daily excursion with high quality or high-end bikes, guide and, on demand, team car on the road and transfer services from/to your accommodation, port, railway or airport in Naples.
This daily excursion is available year-round and suggested for ordinary people (isn't necessary be keaner cyclists to ride this itinerary). 

Generally this exploration is recommended for tourists that are searching cruise excursions in port of Naples or for people that are looking for about 6 hours of non conventional experience in this area of Italy

Advanced booking required. 
Information and requests jerry@rentalbikeitaly.com


Claude and Cristine, our tour guides in Naples bay

Ferry boat from Pozzuoli to Ischia

view of gulf of Naples from the road to Monte di Procida

Cristine our tour guide in Spanish language

Jerry the owner during cycling exploration of Phlegrean coast in Gulf of Naples

Capo Miseno lighthouse

Capri island from phlegrean coast of Gulf of Naples

view of phlegrean coast to Rome direction

Vesuvius volcano, view from phlegrean coast

Workers on Palermo streets.

Workers on streets of Palermo. Pictures taken by Jerry during Veloce cycling tours and shore excursions in Palermo.  

High end road bike rental in Milan

Best Western staff in Milan during pick up delivery of bikes 

Picture from pick up delivery of high end road bikes at Best Western Hotel Galles in Milan. 

Information and rental quote to jerry@rentalbikeitaly.com

Feel free to add Jerry to your google plus contact to +Jerry de Concilio 

Nove Colli gpx file for Garmin Edge 800, our cycling training excursion with team car and professional cyclist guide.

Today we worked to prepare the Nove Colli gpx file that will be uploaded on Garmin Edge 800 GPS. Next week our company will provide for our Australian customer the Nove Colli granfondo cycling training excursion, with  full carbon bike rental, team car on the road and professional cyclist guide. Start and finish at Cesenatico on Adriatic sea coast. 

Join my google plus at +Jerry de Concilio 

Nove Colli route 

Discover Sicily island by bike : Vizzini village with Veloce !

In this post we want share few photos taken during our cycling explorations in Sicily. In this pictures we are in Vizzini, a small village in the province of Catania where was born Giovanni Vergathe Italian realist (Verismo) writer, best known for his depictions of life in Sicily, and especially for the short story (and later play) Cavalleria Rusticana and the novel I Malavoglia. Moreover Giovanni Verga was a great photographer. 

In this village is possible visits all places described by Verga in his works and to visits a beautiful museum dedicated to the histoy of this places (local economy, photography by Giovanni Verga, theater and much more...) 

A curiosity : in Vizzini village, on demand and for a small groups, is possible watch theater representations played by local cultural associations. 

Veloce had a great welcome from the local institutions and enjoyed great cycling explorations of this area of Sicily.  

Information and quote requests to enjoy tailor made cycling holidays, excursions or bike rental in this part of Sicily please contact jerry@rentalbikeitaly.com

Vizzini village, view from the road

an old Fiat 500 on the road in Vizzini

the only one barber of Vizzini

old machines at the museum in Vizzini

old photografic equipment owned by Giovanni Verga buyed at Lumiere shop in Paris

old photografic equipment owned by Giovanni Verga buyed at Lumiere shop in Paris

cycling in Vizzini

an elderly woman enters the church