" Veloce Bike Rental: July 2010

Rental bikes in Vicenza

In this shot you can see the "customized" pick up at railway station of Vicenza. Our service cover delivery of the bikes at railway stations, airports or hotels in whole Italian country.
Please request more informations : jerry@rentalbikeitaly.com

Riding in Padua with our bikes

One month ago we have rent in Verona this bikes. Today we have arrange drop off at Majestic Toscanelli hotel in Padua.
The clients have ridden around north of Italian Country, Veneto, Trentino, Lombardia and Val D'Aosta regions.

Our clients love our company.
In this picture you can see the present received
from our clients (white wine bottle) :)

boarding to venice

In our Venice area we have the Terminal Fusina where you can board to Venice. Around this area more cyclists ride by bike. This place is famous because we have a great park near Venice when is possible stop the car and take the ferry to Venice.
In past days I have ridden by bike in this area and I have meet big group of cyclists.
In effect many people meets around 6pm to keep training on this "circuit on the road" - The absence of traffic on this path help the cyclists.

On the road you can meet a small fresh fountain for fill your water-bottle.

This is the exact position of Terminal fusina.

Cycling paths in north of Italy

In this week we have met in Milan our clients for arrange the drop off delivery.
This clients have rode with our bikes the north of italy and have gone to swiss country on Como lake ! 535 km the distance rode in 1 week.

Our American Clients

In last week we have delivered in Bergamo 2 bikes.
The clients coming from Colorado (US) and have rent 1 polyvalent bike + 1 road bike with accessories.
We have assist our client on pick up phase, help to assemble bags on racks, storage to our shop their travel bags and study best itineraries on Como lake area.
We are happy to arrange cycling holidays and assist our clients in their italian travel.

where ride by bike around Venice

From some days I have start to ride by bike ! When I must go on an errand around venetian area I love use one of my bikes !

In this picture you can see the gardens of Villa Ducale, an hotel few km from Venice. The owner is my friend. In this villa we have arranged the meeting of direction council by Confindustria industrial association, where our company is the member of local BoD Tourism sector.

In this another picture you can see my bike near the Gondola. I was in Venice two days ago : I have meet another client to arrange his cycling holidays in north of Italy ....