" Veloce Bike Rental: March 2012

Climbing Vesuvius volcano - off road mtb excursion - Italy.

break during off road excursion - climbing Vesuvius volcano

off road excursion - climbing Vesuvius volcano

customers with our guide 

off road excursion - climbing Vesuvius volcano

Lava from last eruption

off road excursion - climbing Vesuvius volcano

Few pictures from last off road mtb climbing excursion of Vesuvius volcano in Naples - Italy - to the crater at 1,000 meters on sea level. 

Coming soon will be available climbing excursion of another famous Italian volcano : the magnificient Etna, up to 3,342 meters on sea level.

Information on customized cycling excursions and reservation : jerry@rentalbikeitaly.com

Hotel for cyclists in Calabria region. Pick up delivery at Gaudio Hotel in Longobardi Marina.

Pictures from our pick up delivery arranged at the Hotel Gaudio in Longobardi Marina (Cosenza - Calabria). Our customers will ride by bike from Longobardi to Salerno and Amalfi coast.

Message from our customer

We collected bike at cheap accommodation in Bologna - hotel perla - our customer wrote to our attention this message. We appreciated this ;)

Travel to Sicily

Coming soon available new daily excursions and cycling holidays in Sicily. 
Information and request : jerry@rentalbikeitaly.com

Bike rental service in Bologna - Pick up and collecting at Re Enzo hotel.

Shot from our bike rental service with pick up delivery and collecting at the hotel. In this picture our collecting at the Re Enzo Best Western Hotel in Bologna.

Daily cycling excursions in Bologna - riding quiet hilly roads to San Luca Cathedral and Porrettana road to the Futa Pass

on the road to the San Luca cathedral in Bologna

on the road to the San Luca cathedral in Bologna 

The cathedral of San Luca in Bologna on the top of hill

Watching the cathedral, first break

silent hilly roads in Bologna area

view of the cathedral from the cycling route

Porrettana road to the Futa Pass direction

Few pictures from our daily guided cycling excursion in Bologna area with the use of road bikes. The excursion start in Bologna, continue along the quiet hilly roads to the top of San Luca Cathedral and - on demand for keaner cyclists - along the Porrettana road to the Passo dell Futa

We can arrange customized itineraries (also city sightseeing of old town) and arrange transfer from/to Ferrara, Rovigo and Venice cities. This excursion can be customized under necessities of customers and feature of every seasons. 

Information and booking : jerry@rentalbikeitaly.com

Pick up collecting of bikes in Venice.

Where pick up bicycles in Venice

Calatrava bridge in Venice

Landscape of Venice from Calatrava bridge

Customers at bike collecting, after riding our standard bikes from Ravenna to Venice

Customer during bike return

Cycling experience explanation in progress

Ready to walk in Venice

Few picture from collecting of bikes in Piazzale Roma in Venice after short self cycling holidays of our customers from Ravenna to Venice. 

Bike rental in Bologna - Cycling tour of the old town - Biking from Bologna to Offida (Marche) along adriatic coast.

Customer at accommodation door during pick up delivery of bike in Bologna

helping our customer to arrange her cycling routes along adriatic coast 

people ride bicycle,  night life in Bologna

Piazza Maggiore - main square of  Bologna

Pictures from customized pick up delivery of standard hybrid bike in Bologna. Our customer riding by bicycle from Bologna to Offida (Marche region) along the adriatic coast.

Cycling Eurovelo routes, 5, 7 and 8 with Veloce Bike Rental !

Eurovelo routes, 5, 7 and 8
Eurovelo Routes

Cycling Eurovelo 5, 7 and 8 - Bike rental

Our company supply bike rentals and logistics assistance along the Eurovelo routes.

Our customers love to ride partial paths of this routes : 

Eurovelo 5 – Via Romea Francigena: London – Rome & Brindisi 3,900 km 
Eurovelo 7 – Sun Route: North Cape – Malta 7,409 km 
Eurovelo 8 – Mediterranean Route: Cádiz – Athens and Cyprus 5,888 km

Our company supply along this Eurovelo routes the bike and accessories rentals with pick up delivery and collecting in different cities/states. For example can start your travel in Barcelona and finish in Rome or start in Prague and finish in Venice.

Information requests to jerry@rentalbikeitaly.com

Ravenna, a bicycle friendly town in north of Italy. Bike rental services and guided excursions.

Greengrocer in old town of Ravenna

Lighhouse in Marina di Ravenna

main square of Ravenna

sunset at the canal - port of Marina di Ravenna

An old Omega watch in old town of Ravenna

local custom : ride bicycles in Ravenna

pick up delivery of standard hybrid bikes at local accommodations in Ravenna

Bike rental with pick up at the Hotel Ravenna 
People on the small streets of Ravenna

Few shots from pick up delivery at Hotel Ravenna accommodation in the town of Ravenna of standard hybrid bikes rented to our american customers that will ride for self to Venice where we will arrange collecting of bicycles and accessories supplied for rent

If are interested to enjoy self cycling holiday from Ravenna to Venice and/or to enjoy daily cycle sightseeing or excursions in Ravenna area, contact our customer service : jerry@rentalbikeitaly.com

From Venice to Bologna and Florence and go up to Milan by bike, our customer during pick up delivery.

Italian words can help our customers !

Garmin Edge 800 available for rent for your self cycling holidays

our customer ready to enjoy self cycling holiday in Italy
Few pictures from pick up delivery of our bikes at Venice Mestre railway station. Our customer riding from Venice to Bologna, Florence and Milan where we will collect bike and accessories supplied for rent by our company.

Cycling in Sanremo - Bike rental and cycling path on sea front from San Lorenzo al Mare to Sanremo - Ospedaletti

the cycling path in Sanremo (Imperia)

the cycling path in Sanremo (Imperia)

our customers on the road in Sanremo

our Norwegian customer during pick up delivery in Sanremo

Yesterday we have delivered 3 high end road bikes in La Pigna district, the old town of Sanremo

Coming soon we will publish pictures of this town and of the special cycling path that joint San Lorenzo al Mare to Sanremo-Ospedaletti along the sea front. This cycling route will be extended along the coast for other 45km to Genova , was built on the old railway track and have 28 camera for video surveillance and SOS points to protect safety of cyclists. 

Sanremo is reached by train or by motorway from the airports of nearest towns of Genoa and Nice  (France) where, in case of weekly rentals or daily guided excursions, is possible arrange pick up delivery of bicycles and/or transfer services.

Our company organize in this area daily guided cycling excursions and pick up delivery/collecting of bicycle rental services, for booking and information : jerry@rentalbikeitaly.com

Cycling Riviera del Brenta - Things to do in Venice - Bicycle routes between Venice and Padova (part.1)

A little church in Mira - VeniceStatue of the small church in MiraThe main church of Mira, on Brenta canalThe main church of Mira, on Brenta canalBell tower of main church in Mira, on Brenta canalBell tower of main church in Mira, on Brenta canal
Typical venetian architecturePeople cycle the canalThe canal to Oriago directionPeople cycle the canalPeople cycle the canalPeople cycle the canal
Local venetian architectureCycling training on the road in Venice areaDSC_0036DSC_0037Cycling training on the road in Venice areaSeagull of venetian canals
The Brenta CanalPeople have a breakThe Brenta canal in Venice regionThe Brenta canal in Venice regionOld bridge on Brenta canalThe Divine Comedy talks about these places
This is a charming canal between Venice and Padova, characterized by venetian villas and green landscape and by secondary not busy roads along the canal.

Usually tourists love to ride this part of riviera to enjoy cycling training or daily slow excursion. 

Coming soon second set album with the other side of riviera characterized by watermill, museum of Italian shoes and Villa Pisani.

Our company in this area arrange daily cycling excursions with, on demand, transfer from/to Venice and Padova.

Information and booking : jerry@rentalbikeitaly.com