Veloce Bike Rental: May 2011

Prosecco wine roads - Conegliano and Valdobbiadene cycling excursion

This is the video of our cycling excursion with tasting in Prosecco wine roads of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene.

Our company arrange this daily excursions with transfer services from/to your hotel in Venice, Padua, Treviso, Vicenza and Verona areas.

Prices from 60euro/each person
Booking and Information :

Pick up at the Venive airport...

Ready to start his travel. We have delivered our Cinelli road bike with flat bar at the Venice airport.
Jerry de Concilio
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Today Cinelli road bike with flat bar.

We are ready to deliver a Cinelli road bike with flat bar at Venice airport. Our customer will ride with this bicycle a Marcialonga racing competition in Val di Fassa ! We have customozed this bike like the the model that customer ride at his home.
Jerry de Concilio
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Wine roads of Italy

This is a shot of Prosecco wineyards in Valdobbiadene, close Conegliano. This small villages are famous for Prosecco hills.
Is very close to Venice, Padua, Treviso, Vicenza, Verona, Garda Lake. Along this paths our customers can ride by bike on the wineyards and taste local food and homemade Prosecco white sparkling wine.

Jerry and his customers during cycling excursion.

Giro d'Italia 2011 : Zoncolan stage. Our cycling excursion !

This is the video shooted during our cycling excursion along the roads of the Giro d'Italia 2011 Zoncolan stage (from Ovaro to the top of Monte Zoncolan). Our customers have lived a very exciting and touching experience.

We can arrange cycling excursions along the Giro d'Italia paths, year-round, including high quality bike rental services, transfer from/to your hotel and local food tasting.

1 Igor Anton 5h04'26"
2 Alberto Contador 33"
3 Vincenzo Nibali 39"
4 Michele Scarponi 01'10"
5 Denis Menchov 01'20"
6 John Gadret 01'38"
7 Mikel Nieve 01'51"
8 Hubert Dupont 01'55"
9 Kanstanstin Sivtsov 02'02"
10 José Rujano 02'10"

our mechanical shop today in Venice area

I believe that my mechanical today will be very busy....
Jerry de Concilio
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Hard cases for rent - our new service for support your travels by train in Italy

Normally in Italy can be possible transport whole bicycles only in regional trains with small surcharge ticket for each bike.
The transportation of whole bicycle is not possible in national or high speed trains.

From today our company can supply, for rent and for a small fee, our special hard cases.
With our hard chases our customers can transport our bikes in all trains, also national and high speed trains.

The customer need only to place this hard case in the specific train boot. Please remember to look our cases during the travel for avoid thefts.

For further information about bike transportation on the Italian trains please check official link of Trenitalia, Italian railway company.

Our customers from Venice to Croatia and Slovenia.

Today we have delivered to out customers 2 hybrid bikes. Our customers will ride from Venice - Italy to Croatia and Slovenia countries.

Craftmade pasta factory Leonessa, close Amalfi Coast and Sorrento bay - original recipes

At the craftmade pasta factory LEONESSA in Cercola (close Vesuvius area, Amalfi coast and Sorrento bay) the ancient women with nickname "Le Pacchiane of Capri" make traditional pasta recipes of the beautiful island of Capri : Raviolo e Zeppola Caprese.
"Le Pacchiane" nickname of Lena and Rosa sisters come from the dresses of the Capri and today will cook L'AGNOLOTTO CAPRESE (craftmade pasta fresca fresca of Leonessa pasta factory).

Checking Bassano del Grappa routes

Yesterday we have worked along Bassano del Grappa for paths check.
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Terrace where we arrange tasting activities in Prosecco roads.

At this terrace our company arrange during cycling excursions the tasting of local products with Prosecco wine
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Wineyard hills of Prosecco wine in Conegliano - Valdobbiadene cycling excursion

Hilly landscape during our cycling excursion along Prosecco wine roads with 2 American customers.
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Another article about our company

The 'acqua & sapone' magazine have published an article about our bike hire services, cycling holidays and shore excursions in Italy - 500,000 copies out in whole Italian country.

Cycling excursion for watch Giro d'Italia stage.

This last days was very interesting for me. I have ridden cycling excursions with my customers along giro d'Italia stages. (Monte Zoncolan finish stage and start at Conegliano). This was a great experience for us. Yesterday we have ridden from Ovaro to Monte Zoncolan and we have watched the finish of the Giro stage. The Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper have wrote that 100,000 people came on this mountain roads to watch this competition. Today we have watched the starting presentation of the Giro in Conegliano and after we have ridden along the Prosecco wine roads in Valdobbiadene region and tasted local food and Prosecco sparkling white wine. In a few days I will upload pictures and video of this great experience. Thank you very much to all my customers for sharing with me this great experience. The world is small : at the mountain roads I met two customers who have rented from me 2 road bikes in my shop close to Venice.
Jerry de Concilio
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Planned maintenance after every rent.

After every rental service we make cleaning and planned maintenance.
This is our mechanical shop close to Venice, Padua and Treviso.
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Car rack and road bikes for rent !

Customers ready to start his holiday in Italy with our bikes. We have supplied for a small fee the car rack. The collecting will be arranged at their Agriturimo accommodation.
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Road bike size test during pick up.

Today we have rented 2 road bikes, our customers will ride by bike along Udine and Cortina region.
In this picture our mechanical during the size test of road bike.
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Some idea for your routes between Italy, Austria and Slovenia.

Today I would like suggest you this cycling path that joint Italy and Austria.
The cycling holiday can start from Sillian in the Tyrol region. Can go to this area with bike on train service.
On ride the Puster Valley to Lienz and after to Spittal, famous for his Porcia castle. You are in Carinthia where you can ride to the Paternion castle and Villach. Crossing the Drava you can ride along the Faaker See and Worthersee lakes.
The travel continue to the Lavamund village at the border with the Slovenia.

The distance of this path is around 250km and are good also for children.
Good accommodations are present along this route.

For a fee our company can arrange customized pick up and bike collecting also in Austria and Slovenia countries.

La Gazzetta della Bici - my favorite blog !

Sometime when I find time for me, I love read the Blog of my friend Simon.

Exclusive pizza chef master classes in Italy

From the wood owen to the kitchen, Master  Chefs of Pizza. 

With Veloce is possible enjoy Pizza chef course and master classes.

Our company can arrange for our customers the participation to Pizza courses with cycling tours around mozzarella districts and/or visits at the flour factory during our archaological tours.

Calling for :
  • Pizza chef basic course and mozzarella cycling tour 
  • Pizza chef master classes and cycling tour of San Gregorio Armeno Crib district in Naples
  • Information and booking :

Calling for Giro d'Italia stage from Lienz to Monte Zoncolan - daily excursion

We have fixed the daily excursion for next Sathurday 21th May for enjoy the 14th stage of Giro d'Italia at the Monte Zoncolan. We will depart from Venice and Treviso area in early morning to Zoncolan direction. We can transport other 2 people, we can arrange this daily excursion for a raisonable fee.
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Pick up appointment information.

7 days before the first rental day our company need to know details of pick up appointment (hour, place, number phone of customer and/or accommodation address and contacts).

Details of the drop off appointment (return of rented equipment) can be planned without problems during the rental period.

This necessity was introduced because our company need to plan week by week the logistics activities, normally we receive 5-8 bike rental requests/day with pick up and return of bikes in whole Italian country, also in different cities.

Our planning activities give us the opportunity to pick up and collect our bikes in time, under appointment, in whole Italy (and on demand in Slovenia, Croatia and Austria)

If the customers give us the required "pick up information" only 1 or 2 working day before the rental period, our company don't can guarantee the delivery in time or at worst the supply activities required at booking .

I believe that our potential customers will understand our corporate necessities, required for give best quality on our services.

Jerry de Concilio

A new official partnership : Bianchi !

Our company is growing, day by day. Today we have closed official partnership program with Bianchi .
Bianchi will be our new bicycle supplier and thank's to this agreement we will offer the exclusive high quality made in Italy bike rental services, self and guided cycling holidays and daily cycling excursions in best places of Italy.

Our customers, pick up in Milan, ready to Como lake

This is the pick up of rented bike at underground station in Milan. Our customers are ready to ride around Como lake.

Road Scott bike for rent in Milan

Ready to be rented to our customers in Milan, delivery at underground station.
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Delivered 2 bikes in Verona for cycling tour of Garda lake.

Today, Sunday morning, we have delivered to our customers 2 mountain bikes. This tourists comes from Norway and will ride with our bikes for 1 week along Garda lake roads.
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Scott road bike for rent

This is one of our Scott road bikes ready to be rented to our American customer in Milan that will continue his travel to the Como lake.

Shore excursions close Naples, Pompeii, Amalfi and Sorrento bay.

We have developed another itinerary along the plan of Campania region.

This is pictures of our visit at the Castle of Avella, built in Lombard era for the defence of the line that joint the Campania valley to Apulia region.

From this castle you can admire a beautiful landscape, included Vesuvius volcano, the plan of Naples, Montevergine mountain and Ischia island.

For know other historical information about this castle, please feel free to visit our corporate magazine.

Visit at local mozzarella producer in Amalfi coast, shore excursions.

Today my customers in Amalfi coast have ridden a self cycling excursion from Ravello to Positano. I have delivered bikes at the apartment in Ravello and collected this in Positano, at the end of the shore excursion. Before the drop off collecting I have visited the mozzarella factory of my friend in Amalfi coast.
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On the road to Benevento wine and archaeological roads

During this days our cycling shore excursion team are working along Benevento and Amalfi Coast area. Today was rainy. In alternative to long cycling tour our company have arranged the visits at San Salvatore Abbey, at the roman bath and his sulfurian water sources, the naturalistic park of Grassano and the lunch at the Farmhouse of typical homemade products. On the road I have maked this picture of the aqueduct of XVI century for supply of water to the Royal palace of Caserta and his funtain.
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Ready for another working day...

We are on the road, close to Rome... Ready to pick up our customers for move to Vesuvius volcano in Campania region where will have a cycling excursio...
Jerry de Concilio
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Ready to ride

Our road bikes ready to ride...
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Self cycling holidays in Italy, bike rental services with pick up in Venice and return in Pise

Customers move their goods from luggages in to our bags.
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New hybrid bikes ...

We have buyed new hybrid bikes. In this picture we have the medium size frame, very comfortable for customers tall until 165cm.
Jerry de Concilio
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Trips to Italy, Amalfi shore cycling experience.

Universal rack for transport our bikes with your rented car.

Our company rent for a small fee the universal rack for transport our bikes by car. We have created this solution for help all customers that hire a car at the airport and want our bikes.

2011, Bicity day : Mayor of Saviano, Rosolino and the Italian Minister of Environment

Today in Rome at the Ministery of Environment the Mayor of Saviano Village have participated to the press conference of presentation of the day of bicycle event, "Bicity day 2011".
Our company will ride with the local people of Saviano village and our Australian customers.
To this conference have participed the Minister Prestigiacomo, Paolo Bettini and the CEO of Italian Cycling Federation and the special guest, the friend Massimiliano Rosolino, famous swimmer.

2011, Bicity day : men at work.

The organization's at work for create the T-shirts for the 'day of bicycle' of Saviano village, this last will be next Sunday, 8th May with cycling tour in the plan of Vesuvius volcano region, around Saviano village. Our company will be special guest of this holiday and will participate with 3 customers coming from Australia.

Self cycling holidays in Italy, Trieste bay !

Some shots from our customers during their self cycling holidays in Italy, Trieste bay.

That's Amore : Code of Ethics, Italian Version.

Today we have uploaded our Code of Ethics in Italian Language. Coming soon our team will work on translation and upload of English Language version.

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From Paris to Venice by bike, cardboxes and transfer to the airport.

This is the experience of our customers at the end of their expedition from Paris to Venice : for a small fee we have supplied cardboxes, helped to dismantle bikes and transferred to the airport by shuttle van.
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