" Veloce Bike Rental: October 2010

bike shops open on Sunday in Italy : Venezia, Treviso, Vicenza, Verona, Padova

We can say that our bicycle shop is the only open on Sunday. We can arrange customized delivery and pick up of bicycle at your hotel. In this shots, for example, you can check our pick up and drop off at Villa Ducale Hotel in Dolo, very near Venice. Our delivered bike rental service can cover in Veneto Region (without problems) Vicenza, Verona, Treviso and Padua areas.

Famous archaeological sites, art museums and castles in Italy

When the customer send us his estimate request we ask if are interested also to art or famous archaeological museums in Italy because we can insert in our itineraries guided tours in this structures. This shot was maked at 'Le Castella' museum in castle on the sea.

where to take cooking classes at farmhouses in Italy ?

During the stay in farmhouses our customers want learn to create typical products.
For example in this picture you can see our customer from Dubai that learn to produce jam with typical "annurca" apple. Our company can arrange at local farmhouses coocking classes under exigences of our customers.

Change of the hour from summer to winter in Italy

This year the change will be Sunday 31 October 2010 and the clock will change from 3:00am to -> 2:00am.
Please remember this before your departure to italian country.
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Our accomodation partner, residence along the sea in calabria.

We are at working to improve our self and/or guided cycling holidays in Calabria. In this picture you can see accomodation along the sea, near Isola di Capo Rizzuto. Make your holidays with us ;)
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Wine and oil tasting and course activities

At the local cellar we have tasted the local Ciro' wine. The same company have extended his business to the oil production, in the same region of this territory.
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Sparkling wine roads in Calabria region

In this shot a guided tour in local wine producers..
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Typical autumnal food in calabria region Sila national park

A shot of some typical autumnal local products in Sila naturalistic and national park... Eating with the president of the park for study mountain biking paths and opportunity for cycling holidays.
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The amazing museum of capo colonna in calabria (crotone town)

Another place included in our biking itineraries in calabria region, the very amazing museum of capo colonna. Very professional people and good archeological excavation site.
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Another shot from medieval castle of santa severina

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Santa Severina medioeval town in Calabria Region, our cycling holidays

Yesterday we have visit the castle of Santa Severina with the presence of the major of this small town. This is the most important testimony of south italy history, builded and lived in 12 historical era. We insert this place in our cycling itineraries of calabria region.
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The airplane

Good travel...and cheap fly... But... I have noticed this detail after the landing...;)
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Chardin exposition in Ferrara

From 17th October 2010 to 30 January 2011 in Ferrara... Pictures from the airport ...
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Typical italian products in Bologna airport

Waiting for the fly...
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To Bologna airport

From Bologna railway station to the airport with the bus transfer, every 10 minuts.
5 euro each person.
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my company guest at fair trade of tourism in Crotone.

Today wake up early. In the coming posts I will tell you about my journey in the toe of Italy. I am a guest of the Tourism Fair in Crotone city, and I am going to know the territory, hotels, paths, farmhouses and every activity necessary to offer new and original cycling itineraries in Calabria region. Today I will travel from Mira to Padova (Padua) and from Padova to Bologna by train. In Bologna I will move by airplane. In this picture you can see departure in Mira (7.30am) and Padua (around 8.30) during my waiting...
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Our winter offer : week end by bike in typical open air Christmas markets in Italy

We customize our travels under necessities of our customers and feature of every season.

Please stay tuned.
In next days will be upload new offer regarding winter season and packages for join by bicycle Italian country and traditional Italian Christmas markets.

on the road with our customers

during the riding by bike our customer from Dubai, on the road, meet and talk with ordinary italian people.... and tast local tomatoe....

Accomodation near Venezia during our cycling holidays in Veneto

In this pictures you can see our accomodations near Venice during our cycling holidays in Veneto Region, along the paths of Palladian Villas,

a good grape harvest ... vineyards of Sicily

A shot from Di Prima vineyards and Winery, our partners in Sambuca di Sicilia, near Agrigento valley (Sicily region). We can organize cycling holidays and bike excursions in wine roads of Mr. Di Prima, please contact our customer care for know more information about.

Bike hire and cycling excursions between Sorrento, Positano, Furore, Amalfi, Maiori, Minori, Cetara and Salerno.

We have booked for 2 australian customers 3 days (7th, 8th and 9th November) of excursion by bike along Amalfi coast : we will ride on the road between Sorrento, Positano, Furore, Amalfi, Maiori, Minori, Cetara and Salerno. In the price we have included transfer from Rome Airport and bike rent. The tours will include tasting activities in farmhouses and in tasting rooms and restaurant of the coast.

Today we are curious ... Why do you ride by bike?

Why do you ride by bike?
For my enjoyment
For my health
To help the environment
To get to work or school
To save money
To be with my friends
To spend time with my family
I love to race

Today I have joined at peopleforbikes.org, the new social network dedicted to cyclists and people that love ride by bike.

Cycling holidays and Cooking Masterclasses in Italy - School of italian cooking in our itineraries - culinary travel

I have received from my professional partner and Italian journalist, Ms. Luisa Del Sorbo, cooking masterclasses program of the School Dolce & Salato. This last is the famous school located in Maddaloni near Caserta and founded by the cooks and confectioners Daddio Giuseppe and Aniello Di Caprio. Every week the school organize masterclasses with the teaching of International cooks and confectioners. In this link you can download the program of masterclasses of years 2010 and 2011.

Please let us know if you are interested to partecipate and/or visit this school, we can insert cooking masterclasses activities in our cycling holidays program.
Jerry de Concilio

The lunch of my Italian sunday

Lasagna time... and handmade bread ...
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Giro Lombardia 2010 - The experience of our customers

We love the blogs of our customers. In this link you can check out the experience of our customers comes in Italy for ride around Como Lake and watch the 'Giro di Lombardia'. We have delivered in como 2 hybrid bikes for rent.

The costomers of autumn season

Today we have delivered an hybrid bike for rent in Venice. Our Russian customer will ride with our bike from Venice to Florence and back. Have installed in our posterior rack his small backpack (6kg), ready to ride !!
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Pick up of our bikes in Como

Are you ready for Giro della Lombardia ?
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The tally with our contact datas

The customer care tally installed in the frame of our bikes. In this mode the customer can remember our contact datas.

our bikes in Como lake area : our bicycle hire services

Today we have received this pictures from our customers in Como lake during her ride with our bikes. In last shot you can see our bikes locked at the hotel Firenze.

Bikes for rent in como lake - services of our shop !

Today we have delivered 2 hybrid bikes to Ms.Mirja at hotel Firenze in Como. Mirja and her friends comes from Finland and have rented our bikes for 3 times in last year. Will be in Como lake area until next saturday for watch the Giro della Lombardia competition (that will start in Milan and finish in Como).... In this shots you can see Como and one moment during fixing of bikes...
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Online store where buy Seil Bag for cyclists ?

Today I have watched this video and sent an email to the studios that have designed this fantastic bag, Mr. Lee Myung. We looking for reply. We want know where buy this bags. We looking to online stores. We think that this bag can be a good accessory for our bike rental services. .

self cycling holidays, new pictures from our customers

New pictures from self cycling holidays in Italy, from our customers

Limone sul Garda - Tremosine - extreme mountain bike competition in Italy

17th October in Garda Lake, Limone sul Garda/Tremosine, will be a Bike Extreme competition, for mountain bikers. 51km of Mountain and Granfondo paths. This is the official link of competition http://www.bikex-treme.com/index.htm (Italian and Deutsch Languages)

chestnuts and mushroom paths in Italy

In this days we are working to improve our cycling holidays offer. You know that we are leader in bike rental services, but I think that with our analisys program of our country we can make best cycling holidays solutions in Italy. We are Italian, we know our country and the cycling vacations with our company are very original. no standard offer.
In this pictures you can see Valdagno area, located in vicenza region, veneto. I have see on the road chestnuts and mushroom paths along the hills. Another great alternative for search mushroom in Veneto region can be go in Treviso areas. In this link you can see some festivals of chestnuts and mushroom in this province. I suggest our bike rental services, for ride in historical centers of this cities.