Giro 2013. Daily cycling excursion of 11st Stage, from Tarvisio to Vajont.

The exclusive and all inclusive daily cycling excursions packages including guide, high end road bike rental (alu/carbon or full carbon) and team car support on the road. 

65km - medium/high mountain - suggested for keaner cyclists

welcome to dolomites

the Vajont dam disaster of 1963

Early morning we will arrange transfer from Venice, Treviso or Belluno to Cortina or Sappada and will start our cycling excursion to the top of Erta e Casso, crossing the Vajont dam (on 2013 will be 50years from disaster) where will ride to the finish line of 11th stage of Giro d'Italia 2013.

on the road to Vajont

During the day we will stop along the road to taste local food. At the end of the day we will arrange transfer back to Venice, Treviso or Belluno.

tasting of local food

the cycling route of 11st Stage of the Giro