Giro 2013. Daily cycling excursion of 5th stage : from Potenza to Matera and Altamura.

The exclusive and all inclusive daily cycling excursions packages including guide, high end road bike rental (alu/carbon or full carbon) and team car support on the road. 

86km - medium mountain - suggested for keaner cyclists

Matera, the old town
Early morning we will arrange transfer from Naples to the town of Potenza where will start our cycling excursion for 86 km along secondary roads to Matera where in afternoon we will ride and reach the finish line of the 5th Stage of Giro d'Italia 2013.

local food in Matera

At the end of the day we will arrange transfer to Altamura (town famous for his bread) where will have dinner and sleep for the night at local bed and breakfast or 3 stars hotel. The day after our company is available to arrange transfer to the towns of Naples or Bari. 

the road to Matera

Our company is available to arrange tailor made excursions solutions under needs of customers, like shorter solutions or alternative routes.


Sassi buildings in Matera

square of Giro finish line in Matera

walking the old town of Altamura

video from Matera and Basilicata region by

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