Bicycle lane opening ceremony in Naples and our cycling excursion to Pompei and Vesuvius crater.

Yesterday Mr. Luigi De Magistris - mayor of Naples - inaugurated the first cycling lane of the history of this big city. We wrote about this infrastructure at the first builging day.  ( in Italian bike lane is said 'pista ciclabile' )

During the morning our Dutch customers enjoyed a daily guided cycling excursion to climb Vesuvius volcano and visits Pompeii with pick up delivery and collecting of bicycles at the charming San Francesco al Monte hotel in Napoli.

Pictures credits of bicycle lane opening ceremony : Velia Cammarano

Jerry and his Dutch customers before the excursion

Customers on the road to the seafront

customers with our guide on the road to the seafront

in the middle the mayor of Naples on cycling lane at seafront

Luigi De Magistris ride bicycle along the 'Pista Ciclabile'

from left the mayor Luigi De Magistris, the mobility Coucillor Ms. Anna Donati
and Tommaso Sodano, deputy mayor 

the mayor at the end of opening ceremony