" Veloce Bike Rental: August 2010

bike rental shop review from UK

Today, afther that I have sent my reccomendation request to my last customer, I have received this message on my mail box :

Hi Jerry
Hope you're doing ok ?
I cannot access the link the write a review note ?
Maybe you can post it for me on your site ? (message as follows)

I recently visited Sorrento on a 2wk family vacation. Shortly after the vacation I am due to ride from Paris to Geneva so I needed to find a bike to rent to continue my training.
I found the website for "That's Amore Bike Rental Italy" and made contact with Jerry de Concilio.
Jerry was so so helpful and despite being based much further north, in Venice (!), he personally arranged to deliver a road bike to our hotel in Sorrento for the 2wks.
This was fantastic as it meant I could continue my training while I was on vacation.
Jerry is such a nice genuine guy and he could not do any more for me. The bike was great and the collection and delivery service was excellent.
I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to hire bikes in Italy.
Thanks Jerry !!
All the best

Amalfi bike rental shop

In this period we are at work in Amalfi coast.
Much clients have request our rental bike services in this area.

This is the landscape that you can see on the road.

and this is the landscape that you can see from the Coast (Lattari Mountains Regional Park)
and in this last picture you can see typical products that you can buy on the road when you ride by bike ;)

Amalfi Coast and Sorrento bike rental services !

Few days ago we have confirm the presence of our services on Amalfi Coast, we have delivered in Sorrento our road bikes. In this period we are at work to offer from September new bike touring services in Amalfi Coast, coming soon I will publish all details in this web site.
During my pick up delivery I have make this shots : in the first you can see "Saracena Tower" at Marina Grande in Amalfi and in the second the riding by bike on the Sorrento's road.

Jerry de Concilio,
owner at founder at That's Amore Cycling Holidays.

Rental tent services for your cycling holidays in Italy

15 seconds is the time necessary to install our tents.
With our rental services you can organize your cycling holidays in whole italian country, customized delivery and rental services.
Please contact our customer service to know more informations about services and best offers : jerry@rentalbikeitaly.com