" Veloce Bike Rental: May 2010

From Bolzano to Venice - riding by bike !

vineyards at eastern dolomites

Today we have delivered on 2 polyvalent bikes to our dutch customers. Our clients will ride by bike from Bolzan to Garda Lake, Verona, Vicenza, Padua and Venice. Will drop off the bike on Brenta River area near Venice, in Mira at Olanda's Villa.

On the motorway we have meet men at work.... 6km of traffic !!!

delivering bikes

This picture was taken in a rainy day, We were traveling to Como to delivery 2 bikes.
Our car's (and vans) are powered by natural gas, our company is environmentally friendly !

Twitter Channel - Customer Services

From more days our twitter channel work very hard.

Today we read this mention : "@rentalbike Where is exactly your shop in Italy... Might land there in August!"

we have reply : "@tyrider we have shop in venice, but we have create a great network for distribute and deliver bikes in whole italian country..."

Please use this technology for communicate with our customer service in realtime ...

our company in Babyfly's magazine, cheap fly to italy !

Today we have found in our mailbox this magazine with an article dedicated to our company.
Is the Babyfly's magazine, a british airline company.