" Veloce Bike Rental: April 2012

Self cycling holiday in Tuscany. Cycling Chianti : Chiusi - Montepulciano - Montalcino - Siena. Bike rental and delivery.

Pictures from pick up delivery of bikes for rent in Chiusi at Il Patriarca charming accommodation in Tuscany. Our customers will ride Chianti region in 3 days from Chiusi to Montepulciano, Montalcino and Siena where we will collect bikes and accessories at the end of their cycling experience. 

Autogrill break on the road to Chiusi - Chianciano Terme 

waiting customers at Il Patriarca hotel 

accessories preparation during pick up 

pick up delivery of hybrid bikes in Chiusi - Chianciano Terme

Bike rental delivery for self cycling holiday in Apulia. On the road to Brindisi.

Picture from natural gas filling during pick up delivery of bikes in Brindisi, Apulia region. We delivered this bikes in the evening at the Malvasia bed and breakfast located in the center of the town. 

Road bike for rent, mechanical tuning before delivery.

Mr. Vincent (mechanical of Italian cycling federation) tune Bianchi road bike at our shop in Naples before rental and delivery.

Cycling Italian Riviera in Liguria region : charming Sanremo, the town of flowers

Sanremo is most famous town of Italian riviera in Liguria region. Sanremo town is famous for his flowers, the festival of Italian music, the long cycling path on the sea, the municipal casino, annonario market and old town of Pigna district. 
In this post few pictures from pick up of bikes, for rent, delivered in Pigna district of San Remo.

Pigna district of Sanremo
customers during pick up of bikes
annonario market of Sanremo
Focaccia local food of Riviera
old building in Sanremo downtown 
Municipal Casino of Sanremo
looking for shopping 
Ariston theater, location of Italian music festival
girl install his flower box
fisherman on sea front in Sanremo
cycling path on the seafront of Italian riviera
our customers ride by bike streets of Sanremo

confectionery in Sanremo

Things to do in Toulon - France : the provencal market, cycle city sightseeing and shore excursions

Probably Toulon is one of most beautiful towns of France riviera. In Toulon, every Friday and Sathurday, is possible enjoy the colorful provencal market in Lafayette road. 
Every morning (Monday excluded) in this market is possible buy local products, the market is extended not only in the center of the town but also in Martin Bidourè square at Pont du Las district and in Emile Claude square at Mourillon district. 

At the tourist office in Louis Blanc square is possible ask for bicycle paths map and brochures for families and tourists with special needs. 

view of the square from the Lafayette park exit
seafood on the market
people from everywhere at the local market of Toulon
Market in Toulon
Fragrance of Provence
religious statue in the building corner 
Marseille soap 
local winery 
very good direction signs in Toulon
promenade at the touristic port of Toulon
the touristic port of Toulon

On the road to Genoa, pick up in Marseille. Cycling to Toulon.

Pictures from starting of self cycling holiday from Marseille to Genoa. In this pictures Matt during pick up of bike in Marseille and on the road to Toulon. This road is panoramic and very similar to the Italian Porrettana road. 

Matt during pick up of bike in Marseille

our customer ready to start his cycling holiday 

in Marseille to Toulon direction

other cyclists on the road

the road to Toulon 

local farmhouses sell their products on the road

Panoramic road from Marseille to Toulon

riding along the rocks

Ollioules, twinned with Porretta Terme, Italian town on Porrettana road

Things to do in Marseille - France : cycle city sightseeing and shore excursions in the downtown and old harbor.

Pictures from our cycle city sightseeing in Marseille : cycling tour in the downtown and old harbor. We use to arrange this cycle city sightseeing for our customers that want ride with our company self cycling holiday from France to Italy along the Riviera (cote d'azur - blue coast) and Provence.
Our company is leader in interstate cycling holidays between Italy and adjoining states. 

Cathédrale Sainte-Marie-Majeure de Marseille

our customer during cycle sightseeing in Marseille

young people play bowls on streets 

lighthouse at the entry of old port of Marseille

Notre-Dame de la Garde, church on top of hill in Marseille

La Caravelle, bar - restaurant in Marseille

lighthouse at the entry of new harbor in Marseille

America Cup, bike rental and casamiranapoli, a better charming bed and breakfast in Naples.

Few pictures from Naples, shooted by Jerry during second-last day of Americas Cup competition. Was a rainy evening, but very quite seafront without cars. 

Next America Cup competitions in Italy will be in Venice between next 12nd and 20th May. 

Our staff has stayed at casamiranapoli, a charming bed and breakfast in Naples.

Landscape of Naples hills from bed and breakfast terrace

kiosk on Naples seafront 

lovers on Naples seafront

the other side of Americas Cup
garbage on streets of Naples, problem partial solved by new mayor

fountain in promenade villa on seafront (villa comunale)

the Americas Cup stage during rain

worker looking for a good weather 

Pizza man takes bookings

neapolitan mandolin exposed at regione Campania stage

Castel dell'Ovo, the castle of  Naples bay

nightlife in Naples, young people on the road in Chiaia district

Casa Mira Napoli, the charmin bed and breakfast in Naples

Breakfast, the day after

the seafront, restricted traffic zone, the day after