" Veloce Bike Rental: Cycling excursion for watch Giro d'Italia stage.

Cycling excursion for watch Giro d'Italia stage.

This last days was very interesting for me. I have ridden cycling excursions with my customers along giro d'Italia stages. (Monte Zoncolan finish stage and start at Conegliano). This was a great experience for us. Yesterday we have ridden from Ovaro to Monte Zoncolan and we have watched the finish of the Giro stage. The Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper have wrote that 100,000 people came on this mountain roads to watch this competition. Today we have watched the starting presentation of the Giro in Conegliano and after we have ridden along the Prosecco wine roads in Valdobbiadene region and tasted local food and Prosecco sparkling white wine. In a few days I will upload pictures and video of this great experience. Thank you very much to all my customers for sharing with me this great experience. The world is small : at the mountain roads I met two customers who have rented from me 2 road bikes in my shop close to Venice.
Jerry de Concilio
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