Visit The National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa with our cycling excursions near Naples

In Portici, 4,7 miles from Naples, you can visit the historical National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa.

If you are interested, during your stay in Naples bay, to arrange daily cycling excursion to railway museum, please feel free to contact our customer service.

A fascinating journey through time among the locomotives and trains which united Italy from 1839 to modern times, spanning the 170-year history of the Italian railways. This is the experience offered to visitors of all ages at the National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa. A museum founded to remind us that the history of the railways is an extraordinary chapter in the history of the whole country. A different museum, not reserved for memories of the past, nor exclusively of interest to specialists and professionals, but rather open to the curiosity of young people and anyone who sees trains as an irreplaceable tool for the future of public transport. Pietrarsa narrates a prestigious and engaging chapter of a history which is not yet over, and which still has many more pages to be written. It is a symbolic place in the history of the “Ferrovie dello Stato”, the Italian State Railway, a bridge between the past and present with displays ranging from the Bayard, the first locomotive in Italy, to the sophisticated, high-speed trains....
Check out the official pdf file presentation of National Railway Museum.