" Veloce Bike Rental: Sightseeing with gondola in Venice ... cross the Grand Canal

Sightseeing with gondola in Venice ... cross the Grand Canal


This post can give interesting information for people that finish or start Italian cycling holiday in Venice area. Gondola sightseeing is very expensive. In Venice can be possible ask to the Gondoliere (gondola driver) if can supply a short gondola ride. For this raison some customer that want ride the gondola with a small fee ask to the gondoliere if can be possible only cross the Grand Canal, few euros just to have the satisfaction to have ridden for few minuts the venetian gondola. 

Someone told me that the small fee to cross the Grand Canal is around 50cent or 1 euro and that is  possible found gondola crossing in 7 points of the Canal

- between railway station and the Fondamenta S.Simeon Piccolo
- between S.Marcuola and Fontego dei Turchi
- between S.Sofia (Ca'd'Oro) and Rialto market
- between riva del Carbon and riva del Vin at Rialto
- between S.Tomà and S.Angelo
- between S.Samuele and S.Barnaba
- between S.Maria del Giglio and calle del Traghetto at Dorsoduro

I found this link where is possible watch the map of the gondola points where is possible cross the Grand Canal for a small fee.