New entry in our stable : Bottecchia 8avio full carbon road bike with Campagnolo Veloce 20v mix and Shimano 105 20v mix

Another new entry in our stable, the Bottecchia 8avio full carbon model available in 2 solution : Campagnolo Veloce or Shimano 105.

Bottecchia are the technical sponsor of the Acqua & Sapone professional Italian cycling team.

Bottecchia is a historical bicycle company that started as a small cyclery of Carnielli and improved in 1924 by Ottavio Bottecchia, the first Italian winner of the Tour de France. A new company with a new name "Bottecchia" was born after the death of Ottavio Bottecchia in 1926 (2 years before professional cycling of my grandfather in the Vèlo Club Naples cycling team)