" Veloce Bike Rental: In Venice the first bar of Italy. Recipe to prepare a good Italian coffee.

In Venice the first bar of Italy. Recipe to prepare a good Italian coffee.

original tips to make a good neapolitan strong coffee at home :
"water under valve and much  coffee in the moka"

It was one morning in 1570 that the Venetians discovered for the first time the strong aroma of coffee. He was a physician-botanist Prospero At length, he had stayed a long time in Egypt and there he found the drink "black in color andflavor similar to chicory." He thought that his countrymen would have liked. And he was right. 
It was so in Venice also opened the first "bar" or better, the first cafĂ©.  The very first, in order of time, was opened in 1554 in Constantinople. In Europe, a cafe was opened in Marseilles in 1659 and one in Hamburg in 1679. In Venice, the plant was initially known as a medicine, but soon it was used to prepare the pleasant beverage: in 1683 (thoughsome anticipate this date to 1640 and even in 1615) in Piazza San Marco, under the arches of the Magistrates, was the firstopen "coffee shop". Since then new shops sprang up everywhere in the city (in 1763 there were 218!). 
Becoming meeting places to discuss business, or just for a chat during the free time. The new custom was soon sweptacross Italy: Turin, Genoa, Milan, Florence and Rome rose coffee then become famous and important cultural centers, meeting place of writers, politicians and scholars of all time. 
Even the French showed to appreciate a lot the new drink is said that the famous writer Balzac came to drink fifty cups a day. In England the first restaurant for the serving of coffee was opened in Oxford.
In short, the middle of the 700 in all of Europe and America are drinking coffee.