Porrettana panoramic road : from Bologna to Pistoia by bicycle or vice versa !

The Porrettana S.S. 64 is a beautiful road connecting Bologna to Pistoia and was the first line through the Apennines between Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna. It is also known in Italian as the Transappenninica "trans-Apennines" road.

The road from Pistoia (loc. Capostrada) continue to the north direction in Signorino locality (inside the Pistoia municipality), cross the Passo della Collina and go across San Pellegrino, Bellavalle, Sambuca Pistoiese and enters in Emilia Romagna. Along the regional border touch Porretta Terme, VergatoMarzabotto, Sasso Marconi, Casalecchio di Reno and Bologna.

After Bologna the road continue alongside the A13 motorway and crossing Lovoleto, Altedo, Malalbergo e Montalbano and finish in the town of Ferrara

In this post can watch some pictures from our Porrettana road exploration. Just my personal observation : this road is very beautiful for the landscape changing, meter by meter. Probably is the one of most beautiful roads of Italy. 

Enjoy your Porrettana cycling exploration, 
Jerry de Concilio 

crossing the 44th parallel on the Porrettana road

Greenwood of the Porrettana road

national etruscan museum on the road

cyclists on Porrettana road