Cycling holiday in Apulia - route from Bari to Lecce by bike - Puglia by bicycle, cycling itineraries

This can be a potential cycling tour of Apulia region

day 1 : landing in Bari
day 2 : from Bari to Polignano a mare 35kms
day 3 : from Polignano a Mare to Alberobello 33kms
day 4 : from Alberobello to Ostuni 48kms
day 5 : from Ostuni ti Brindisi 35kms
day 6 : from Brindisi to Copertino 45kms
day 7 : from Copertino to Gallipoli 40kms
day 8 : from Gallipoli to Santa Maria di Leuca 50kms
day 9 : from Santa Maria di Leuca to Otranto 50kms
day 10 : from Otranto to Lecce 45kms
day 11 : eventual additional day, leave by airplain

this is the link to the potential cycling route of Apulia region indicated in this post.
I have found this link where is possible check other cycling itineraries of Puglia region and export gps indications for your cycling navigator.