" Veloce Bike Rental: Garbage problem of Naples, suggestions.

Garbage problem of Naples, suggestions.

Cyclically the city of Naples live a characteristic problem : the slowdown collecting of garbage. This town is one of largest cities of Italy, with over 2,800 years of architectural and archaeological history. In Naples and surrounding areas (province) lives until 5 million of people.
Normally I don't love hide the problems of Italian cities, I love to give to the tourists all information and try to explain for understand why sometime this can be possible.
This city has evolved too fast without an urban plan and without preliminary building of incinerators, landfills and composting plants - and I believe that the garbage is a great business for companies and local institutions. This is my point of view.
For this raison when we receive in this area bicycle rental or cycling excursions requests we love to give all information and / or accompany personally our customers in the right sides and quarters of this town, where don't have the garbage on the roads and crime.
Normally this can be possible in elegant and rich quarters. But we want also show, on demand, the wrong sides, safely.
Sometime on can read about robbery or thefts in Naples. Is the same of other cities. An example : two of our bikes was stolen only in Bologna town, not in Naples. Normally, we suggest to ride without valuable, if you want you can put in to the safe at hotel room your rolex or other valuables.
Naples is a most beautiful and great city of Italy (after Rome) , if you can visit this town, please accept my suggestion to visit this.
I'm born in Naples and when I think to this reality, I believe that some sides of this town is like other poor cities in the world.
The nearby Amalfi coast and Sorrento bay, for example, don't have this problems.