That's Amore , the new masterplan of corporate growth for next years

Most attentive bloggers have noted that I have added one important information in this space.
I'm working hard for create a first project in Italy dedicated to the develop and preservation of :

  • cultural and historical identity of Italian territories

For the sustainable tourism this project will be develop in the first year on Veneto, Tuscany and Campania regions and dedicated to develop of quality products and services for tourists.

For the Italian food and craftmade productions coming soon on line typical products from all regions of Italian Country

There are some essential features that make this project one of the best to suit global competitiveness : quality, ethics, development and innovation of conversational business.

All this under my brands :

That's Amore, Italian Cycling Holidays & more...©

That's Amore, Italian Typical Products & more...©

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Happy a good Italian Holidays.

Jerry de Concilio
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