" Veloce Bike Rental: Around Pauda by bicycle... customized itineraries with logistic support !

Around Pauda by bicycle... customized itineraries with logistic support !

Even if these are no longer waterways for flat bottomed boats as used to be case, whoever experiences river and canal journeys has the impression of entering the area by main door; identifying oneself with the "boatmen of yesteryear", it is possible with my rental bike shop to travel along many embankments and take in the Paduan scenery, understanding in this way the existing relationship between inhabited centres and natural resources.

The almost exclusively flat morphology of the land and the mildness of the climate (the number of rain in a year average only 80!) are another two factors that flavour cycle touring in Padua Province in every season.

The Padua town are connected with the natural sceneries and Terme Euganee with 12 suggested journeys and in 2 categories :
  • cycling excursions (circuits that commit the tourist to half a day)
  • cycle touring itineraries (routes that require a propensity for pedalling)
All the journeys have been designed to more or less develop around a circuit, that is with departure and arrival points.
With my rental bike services we can customize your itinerary and deliver the bikes (pick-up or drop off) in all points of your journey, between Italian regions, towns and provinces.

An example : you can start your trip from Padua, go to Garda Lake or dolomites, Pisa or Chianti region, take the train with our bike or request logistic support for transfer the bike and your luggages around the paths of your itinerary.

We must only organize your cycling trip or excursions !
please send an email for receive a free estimate costs and all informations for make your customized bicycle holidays in Italy to

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thank you very mouch to local tourist office for all informations contained in his guide.