" Veloce Bike Rental: Padua and its Province by bicycle

Padua and its Province by bicycle

From the source to the lake, from the lagoon to the river, from the wood to the multitude of cultivated fields : not many lands in temperate climates can boast of such a great variety of ecosystems as that of Padua province.
The work of man in the same area that is more or less a plain if you exclude the isolated microcosm of the Colli Euganei, has produced an exceptionally rich set of historical, cultural and artistic examples : archeological evidence of the ancient Venetians and Romans, castles and medieval hamlets, Venetian villas and Renaissance abbeys.
I would like propose to take the tourists to discover various surroundings and cultural roots of this territory from the perspective with my rental bike shop.
This means of locomotion is ideal for thise who interpret by slow motion and thereby in close contact with the environment.
The choice of bike has been dictated by the fact that it allows one to enter the territory in a respectful, silent and ecological way and thus encourage tourist to immerse themselves in their surroundings and become co-players.
The suggested itineraries that I will publish step by step in this blog are within the capacity of every cyclist, there is no need to be a young athlete to experience and active holiday; but it is simply sufficient to maintain a youthful desire for discovery and rent my working bicycle (with many useful accessories) that fits your own stature, to begin the journey.
The land within the province of Padua offer great opportunities for the cycling tourist : for example the province is criss-crossed by navigable waterways over 150 km (paths for your cycling tour).

Have a nice holidays.
Jerry de Concilio
owner of That's Amore, Italian Cycling Holidays & more...

*thank you very much to the touristic pubblication by tourism center of Padua for hint to my text creation contents.