Veloce Bike Rental: Racing bikes rental in Bratislava, Slovakia. Enjoy the Championship, Challenge in Samorin.

Racing bikes rental in Bratislava, Slovakia. Enjoy the Championship, Challenge in Samorin.

Bratislava is perhaps one of the few cities in the world, if not the only one, whose name was decided by a public competition. Until a few years ago considered a city of passage for those who wanted to go to Vienna or Budapest and were looking for a low-cost flight, today the Slovak capital is a destination of first order for those looking for a nice neat, clean, quiet town full of things to see, lots of young people and a nice evening movement.

Sunny day in Bratislava. 
Cozy restaurant in Bratislava. 
The Old Town of Bratislava  is perfectly preserved and entirely pedestrian, gathered around the Main Square  where markets, revolts and executions took place over the centuries. Today it is dominated by the Town Hall with the tower and, above all, the restaurants and bars where Slovaks and tourists sip beers at every hour of the day of each day of the year. 
Curiosity: according to a legend, the statue of Massimiliano II turns around and begins to walk backwards!

Enjoying a glass of wine along the Danube. 
Typical Bronze Statue.
It is absolutely to do climbing up the futuristic bridge over the Danube called New Bridge. You have the impression of climbing on a UFO spacecraft as the inhabitants call it, suspended over Bratislava. The lift that leads up is really fast so you can grab a panoramic beer, eat at the restaurant (luxury one, but not so expensive) or simply admire the view from the platform.
For the evening, therefore, you will not be spoiled for choice: pubs with live music, some big discos, jazz clubs or, if the weather permits, a nice walk along the Danube.

A view from the New Bridge. 
Amazing corner in the Old Town. 
The bronze statues scattered around the historic center of Bratislava are a truly unexpected sight. They are in evolution: every now and then some appears. And to think that everything was born as an economic and sympathetic way to revitalize the center after the fall of Communism. Today they have become one of the most important tourist attractions of the Slovak city. You surely won't miss a selfie with them! 
About sleeping suggestions, we recommend the Sheraton Hotel, few minutes walking to the Eurovea Galleria, not only a usual shopping center with its tower above the Danube. 

On 31st May 2020 it will take place, not far from this amazing and unexpected town, the Challenge in Samorin. This year we will be bike rental dealer during this event. With our high end full carbon racing bikes you won't have the stress to bring your one from home risking to get it lost or damaged, but a customized service of delivery and collection at accommodation in Bratislava and Samorin areas with all the accessories and bike setting. 
Send us an email to Limited reservations left and discounts for advanced reservation. Hurry up! 

Veloce's customers along Bratislava's city center. 
Veloce's customers smiling at bikes delivery in Bratislava.