" Veloce Bike Rental: Adventurous Europe cycling with Veloce bike rental!

Adventurous Europe cycling with Veloce bike rental!

Smiling customers in the pics below! 
This group from UK has crossed Germany and Austria from Munich to Wien for an amazing cycling holiday of ten days with our full carbon bikes.

You can start your journey and cycle country to country. Veloce is going to provide you bikes and logistics service of delivery and drop off in different locations.

To receive info and costs, give us your holiday details (number and kinds of bikes, estimate date from/to, locations to pick up and collection) here: booking@velocerental.com

Enjoy discounts and special offers! 

Austria countryside. Cycling full carbon
bikes from FOCUS. 
Smiling pit stop crossing Germany. 

Along the river with Veloce's bikes provided at accommodation. 

End of journey: smiling and happy! It has been a pleasure to
have these guys as customers.