Cycling 'Le Tour de France' Mount Ventoux routes, Provence. Carbon road bike rental in Malaucène, Bèdoine and Sault.

The Mount Ventoux is the most epic routes of French cycling, the most desired by bicycle lovers. The magnificence of Mount Ventoux is one of cycling experiences we suggest to enjoy using our carbon road bike rental services or e-bike rental services delivered and collected at accommodations, also in different towns of Provence region of Southern France

The route to Mount Ventoux from Malaucène village in Provence

Mont Ventoux is the scene of one of the most grueling climbs in the Tour de France bicycle race, which has ascended the mountain fifteen times since 1951.

In road bicycle racing the Mount Ventoux could be climbed by three routes South from Bédoin, Northwest from Malaucène (about equal in difficulty as the Bédoin ascent but better sheltered against the wind) and East from Sault

Our company provide high quality carbon road bike rentals and e-bike rentals with delivery and collection at accommodations in these villages. 

Mount Ventoux route from Malaucène village
If you are looking for a charming accommodation where stay in Malaucène we suggest the Maison Sule. In occasion of our rental We had pleasure to know the owners who told us the history of this graceful ancient residence, from the French empire. 

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