" Veloce Bike Rental: Giro di Sicilia by Enzo our Canadian customer

Giro di Sicilia by Enzo our Canadian customer

Bicycle touring in Sicily, Giro di Sicilia self cycling holiday

Aka Giro d’Enzo II – May 2014


This is a story of my 13-day bicycle circumnavigation of Sicilia in May 2014, starting and finishing in Palermo. 

In between, were many ups/downs, beautiful coastlines, wonderful food, and even more wonderful people and experiences.

This was my second cycling trip to Italy. 
The previous year I was up a bit further north, covering about 800 km starting in Riccione and heading inland to my parent’s birthplace in Abruzzo, before heading back to the Adriatic and returning on the coastal route to Riccione. Before returning home to Vancouver, I also spent a few days in the Dolomites. 

That is where I met Jerry de Concilio, when I signed up for a 1-day tour that included watching a stage of the Giro d’Italia with Veloce Bike Rental. 

I would keep in contact with afterwards, and arrange a touring bike rental for this 2-week trip around Sicilia.

Since my ride around Sicilia was my second cycle tour in Italy, I referred to it as Giro d’Enzo II. I can’t wait until the third edition in the Dolomites later in 2015.

What follows is a day-to-day brief summary of my experiences, with some photos and statistics for each stage.

First, some summary statistics of the overall giro:

Number of days: 13

Distance: 936 km

Elevation: 12,979 metres

Below is an overview map. 

Please note that travel started south from Palermo and continued mostly in a counter clockwise direction:

bicycle touring in Sicily