Cycling and photography expeditions to Italy : discover Calabria region with Veloce.

In this post we show pictures taken during our cycling and photography expeditions to Calabria region of Italy

Cycling and workshops : our company know very well the whole Italian country and can provide vacations dedicated to cycling tours, photography workshops and explorations at secret places in hinterland of Italy, ceramics and cooking classes with teaching from professionals. 

high-end photographic equipment available for rent 

In case of cycling and photography workshops vacation packages our company can provide for rent high- end photographic equipments.  Pictures of this post was taken by Jerry de Concilio

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studying photographic expedition routes before leave hotel

an old building in Belmonte Calabro 

Calabrian woods

sheep grazing along the road

we asked information, offered us wine and salami, this was tha landlord cat

Cleto village at most big olive plants valley of Italy

beaches of Calabria

Belmonte Calabro village, view from the road

Calabrian people in Amantea village