" The Quality Bike Rental: Marmeeting in Furore Fiord, high diving contest.

Marmeeting in Furore Fiord, high diving contest.

Every year in Furore (Amalfi coast) we have the Marmeeting diving contest.
This discipline includes dives of 23 to 28 meters for men and 18 to 23 meters for women. Where possible the dives will be arranged directly from the rock face, otherwise from a small platform erected on the Fiordo di Furore bridge at the height of 28 meters from the sea level.

This is the youtube video of past Marmeeting recorded by 30nodi publisher.

Are you ready to enjoy with us the new contest at 3rd of July ?

We will arrive to Furore fiord with our bikes riding along downhill roads of Amalfi coast, further information : jerry@rentalbikeitaly.com