" Veloce Bike Rental: Ostia Antica - Ostia Lido and Tiber by bike - paths, routes and itineraries

Ostia Antica - Ostia Lido and Tiber by bike - paths, routes and itineraries

Roman ruins

If you start yor travel to Italy from Rome we advise you "Ostia Antica, Ostia Lido and Tiber areas itineraries".
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Ostia Lido Tourist Port

Not far from the center of Rome, Ostia is a residential area, the capital's beach, and a well-known "Tourist Port" with moorings for boats from 8 to 60 metres in length.

It also contains many Roman ruins, dating back to the days when Ostia served as Rome's port (a function now taken over by Civitavecchia). Ostia Antica is one of Lazio's major attractions, less crowded and, for some, its ruins are more enjoyable than those of Pompeii.

So if you can't make it down to Pompeii don't worry. Just head out to Ostia.
Italy might be a Catholic country, but you won't detect any religious conservatism in the skimpy bikinis on display here. There's a carnival atmosphere, with dance halls, cinemas, and pizzerias.

The Lido is set off best at Castelfusano, against a backdrop of pinewoods, which provide the summer residence of the President of Italy.
This stretch of shoreline is referred to as the Roman Riviera.
If you're flying out of Fiumicino, this town is a good stopover for the night before and You can return your rental car if need be, and catch a cab for a few minute, few kilometer ride to the airport, and forget about the trains and the traffic from Rome.

Ostia is a place available for all touristic necessities but especially for riding by bike around this area....

see the Ostia Antica Frescoes in the New York Times Slideshow