" Veloce Bike Rental: Another step to the sportswriting's museum (cycling and soccer)

Another step to the sportswriting's museum (cycling and soccer)

Yesterday we have work hard for build in Italy a new sportswriting's museum dedicated to the cycling and football from 1950 to 1962 years.
In effect I have inherited a collection of old newspapers dedicated to football and cycling, the name of newspaper is "Calcio e Ciclismo Illustrato".

Yesterday I have call the editing office of this newspaper and the national museum of football in Coverciano (I have talk with Mr Fino Fini, the past doctor of Italian Footbal Team).

The national museum of football and the ediding office of this newspaper don't have possession of historical materials similar to our.

We have inform the tourism area by Industrial Association of Venice and the Italian Cycling Federation for study a great masterplan of cooperation .

For this raison we want push to this direction : creation of new museum in Venice region dedicated to this historical materials.