" Veloce Bike Rental: congress made in Venice

congress made in Venice

This morning our company have participate at the congress made in Venice dedicated to the future development of worldwide markets, by Confindustria Venice and Treviso Industrial Associations, where we are associated.

In this conference was talk about product diversification and business Internationalization, with the presence of Italian Institutions, Industrial Associations, labor unions, consultants and small, medium and big industries.
Our small company have an international and multicultural model and aims to develop every his business section: rental bike services, cycling holidays, special services for the tourism, logistics and shipping services for the tourism and for industries, export of made in Italy products, synergies between tourists and local small business companies and more...
From this year we have create a masterplan work and we have extend our service in whole Italian country and to Slovenia and Croatia countries.

For any exigences about your cycling stay in Italy or for your International shippings, please contact our customer services